Ultimately dependable UD trucks

Owning the right trucks can help to boost profits while minimising costs. With transportation taken care of you can focus on other aspects of your business. UD trucks for sale have a good reputation, both the UD 60 B and the UD 80 D being outstanding investments.

UD stands for Ultimate Dependability. Committed to reducing the environmental impact of their trucks, the UD brand stands for reliability. Each truck in the UD ranges is designed to deliver a powerful performance with a minimum impact on the environment.

The Versatile UD 60 B

At the heart of UD trucks is their dependability and the UD 60 B is no exception. These trucks are designed to deliver an excellent performance while delivering an efficient fuel consumption. The UD 60 for sale has a high average speed which contributes to the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Running costs are reduced by the affordable fuel consumption of these trucks. The durable nature of their design reduces maintenance costs and translates into less down time. If you are looking for a truck that you can rely on, you should most definitely consider this model. These medium duty trucks come with the option of automatic transmission.

ud trucks

Image Source: UD Trucks Website.

Highlights of the UD 60 B are its leading economy as well as its dynamic performance. Its economic lifecycle costs make finding a UB 60 B for sale a good decision. The quality and reliability of these trucks further contribute to their appeal.

When it comes to the specifications of these medium duty trucks it is easy to see why they are an asset to businesses across South Africa. These trucks have a 4×2 axel configuration and a gross combination mass of 15t. Equipped with a UD trucks FE 6TA engine these trucks deliver 157 kW of power with 588Nm of torque.

The driveline of the UD 60 B trucks are a key element to their success. The innovative combination of power, transmission and drive ratio enables them to deliver an impressive performance, highlighting the facts that these trucks were designed to meet the requirements of the transport sector.

A look at the UD 80

You can rest easy knowing that you have a UD 80 truck in your fleet. Designed to get the job done without any hassles, these trucks deliver a performance that is consistently excellent. While these trucks will earn you more, they will cost you less. They increase the productivity of your business and incur less running costs.

Highlights of the UD 80 for sale include its leading economy. These trucks meet the highest of international standards. Their robust design contributes to their trustworthy performance. The versatility of these trucks further contributes to their appeal.

ud 80 truck

Image Source: UD Trucks Website.

The UD 80 has a 4 x 2 axel configuration and a gross combination mass of 18 tons. Equipped with a UD Trucks FE 6TC engine these trucks deliver a power of 184 kW and a torque of 674 Nm.

As part of the brand’s medium duty range, the UD 80 trucks cater to the needs of the transportation sector across South Africa. Their versatility means that they are suited to transportation for a range of different businesses. Their power delivery, transmission and drive ratio all contribute to delivering a powerful and cost effective performance.

The UD 60 vs the UD 80

Before you decide which trucks to buy, assess the needs of your business. Once you know what you need you can compare the specifications of different models. To compare the specifications of the UD 60 and the UD 80 for sale, take a look at the following table.

Specifications of the UD 60 and UD 80

UD 60 BUD 80 D
GCW (t)1518
EngineFE 6TAFE 6TC
Power (kW)157184
Torque (Nm)588674

Interested in UD trucks? Find the ideal solution to your medium duty needs by checking out the UD trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer. While buying a truck incurs and initial outlay of capital, it can save you money in the long run.

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