Upgrade your tractor with the Massey Ferguson Auto-Guide 3000

Massey Ferguson has a reputation for manufacturing top quality tractors. Massey Ferguson tractors include the MF 7600 and MF 8600 range. When it comes to finding tractors for sale the models in these ranges are exceptional options. An advantage to finding a MF 7600 or MF 8600 range Massey Ferguson for sale is that they are compatible with Auto Guide 3000. Read our informative blog to find out more.


The Auto Guide 3000 Explained

With a guidance system you can save up to 12% on fuel. These significant savings make investing in auto-steering a great decision. The Auto-Guide 3000 provides excellent accuracy which increases the efficiency of field operations. This convenient and effective steering system is hands free.

The MF 7600 and MF 8600 ranges are both Auto-Guide 3000 ready. The steering system is available when purchasing tractors for sale from the factory. It can also be purchased as a retro fit kit for auto- guide ready models. Comfort, convenience and higher yields are all advantages to fitting your tractor with this system.


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The Datatronic CCD offers clear visibility which contributes to ease of operation. You can also choose to add the C3000 terminal which offers extra features. The terminal allows you to maintain an up-to-date record of tasks. With C3000 you can measure work areas as well as store and import data. You can use this information to make future tasks simpler and easier.


The Go mode function gets your driver started right away with a short set up time of five minutes. This mode allows you to benefit from the auto guidance system without any delays. The Go mode is great for people who don’t want to adjust settings or manage advanced options. The 12.1” touch screen display and clear menu layout makes it easy to operate the C3000.


Operation of ISBUS compatible equipment is made easy with the control function which allows you to control sections of sprayers and spreaders individually. This function is both convenient and cost effective.

Auto-Guide 3000 from Massey Ferguson decreases driver fatigue and stress which contributes to better performance. It frees up time for the driver to select optimal performance settings. Less experienced drivers can use this technology to improve their performance. The guidance system enables the driver to achieve high work rates even during poor visibility conditions. The reduced time that it takes to complete a task also decreases maintenance costs for the machines and equipment. While it decreases harvest wastage, the C3000 creates savings on fuel, labour and fertiliser.


Auto-Guide Ready Massey Ferguson Tractors

The MF 7600 and MF 8600 Massey Ferguson tractors are auto-guide ready models. The MF 7600 range delivers an excellent performance. Its innovative technology and its durable design both help to increase productivity. The range includes 7 models which have a maximum power output of 96 kW to 177 kW. The variety of models in this range allows you to pick tractors that are best suited to the tasks on your farm. The front linkage is 3.2 – 4 tons while the back linkage is 7.1 – 9.3 tons. It has a panorama cab and a Dyna 4/6/VT transmission.


image credit: Massey Ferguson

The MF 8600 range boasts excellent energy efficiency. It offers farmers outstanding productivity. The models in this range deliver 213 – 250 kW of power. The MF 8600 range has a panorama cab and a Dyna-VT transmission. Take a look at the following table which offers a comparison of the key features of these two ranges.

Comparing the MF 7600 and the MF 8600 Massey Ferguson Tractors

MF 7600 RangeMF 8600 Range
Maximum Output (kW)96 -177213 - 250
Front Linkage (tons)3.2 – 4N/A
Rear Linkage (tons)7.1 – 9.3N/A
TransmissionDyna 4/6/VTDyna-VT

image credit: Massey Ferguson

Interested in finding a Massey Ferguson for sale? Browse through AgriMag’s impressive collection of tractors for sale to find a model that best suits your needs.


image credit: Massey Ferguson

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Bruce Ungersbock

Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

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