V8 Performance and redefined luxury in the Scania R Series

The Scania R Series manages to combine a powerful V8 engine, an outstanding level of comfort and a high level of efficiency. Scania trucks for sale prove to be valuable business assets. Visit Truck and Trailer for other great deals on these and other great trucks.

front view of a scania truck

Image source: Scania South Africa website

This Scania R Series is a superior truck amongst the Scania trucks range and it will be the ideal companion for long trips that are highly demanding and time consuming. Every aspect of this truck is designed to help your company function more productively while keeping your fuel consumption as low as possible.

Scania R Series overview

For long distance drivers the Scania R Series trucks will help you keep your schedule well managed. Through the combination of high quality, top of the range and customisable technology this is the type of truck that will help you meet your business needs while keeping your maintenance costs as low as possible. You will also be interested to know that Scania trucks are great trucks to drive. The trucks are built with roomy interiors making them as comfortable as possible for drivers.

When it comes to the actual delivery of goods. These Scania R Series trucks come built with temperature control and diagnostic and planning tools to help you deliver your goods without damaging them. For space purposes with these Scania R Series trucks there has been a prioritization on maximising cargo space allowing for the delivery of a large amount of goods.

scania r series pulling cargo

Image source: Scania South Africa website

Because of this maximised cargo space you will find that you will even be able to carry and deliver vehicles, oil or any other bulk products with the greatest of ease. In order to keep track of all the valuable goods in your truck, the Scania R Series comes built with real time tracking.

The great thing about this tracking system is that it will allow you to track the positioning of your truck. This positioning data will be accurate and updated frequently helping ensure that it is as useful to you as possible.

From a safety perspective these Scania R Series trucks have been designed to ensure they are as safe as possible. The Scania R Series has been built an electronic brake system giving drivers fast brake response times.

scania r series taking on the road

Image source: Scania South Africa website

This electronic brake system also helps overcome brake drag, this is normally what happens when the vehicle rolls at elevated temperatures as a result of poor quality brakes. In addition to the advanced braking system, these Scania trucks come built with an electronic stability programme that greatly increase the driving safety of the drivers by monitoring the key stability parameters of the truck.

This safety feature will help you drive your vehicle on wet roads without your Scania R Series losing any grip on the road. As an add-on to the truck’s safety features a tyre pressure monitoring system has also been added to the truck. This will help you keep track of the conditions of your tyres by alerting you of any significant pressure drops your tyre may experience.

The design of the Scania R Series

Scania trucks are very well designed, you will notice that the Scania R Series’ interior is very comfortable. What is interesting about the Scania R Series trucks is that these trucks come with a customisable interior.

This customisation allows you to choose colours and material combinations that match your personality. You can choose upholstery, textiles, trim panels, a dashboard, a steering wheel and mats that match your personal preferences.

interior of the scania r series

Image source: Scania South Africa website

Other than having an aesthetically appealing design, these Scania trucks have also been designed to be as comfortable as possible to drivers therefore allowing drivers to drive long distances. You will find a number of features in the cab’s interior.

The protective rubber mats that make it easier to keep the cab clean, air conditioners that help cleanse the vehicle’s air conditioning system, cab coolers, an electric cab beater to create a comfortable and warm environment in the cab’s interior and a Scania Cable- one cable that will make it easier for you to connect your tractor to your trailer.

Performance and Specifications of the Scania R Series

With the Scania R Series you will find trucks with a high level of performance. Like all Scania trucks for sale, the Scania R Series is very eco friendly. In the R Series range this eco friendly emphasis comes in the form of the Ecolution approach.

The Ecolution approach is a three pronged approach where energy efficiency and smarter transportation is prioritised through the use of alternative fuels. These alternative fuels are a mixture of bioethanol, biodiesel and HVO engines. This approach ensures that the Scania R Series delivers an estimated 90% reduction in CO2 emissions.

the r series from scania

Image source: Scania South Africa website

It is quite interesting that the Scania R Series has decided to incorporate an emphasis on data driven performance. These trucks are uploaded with a high level of technology that allows the truck to collect data on driving styles, productivity and fuel economy. This data can then be used to better diagnose and maintain these R Series trucks. In addition to this, the data can be used to better control driving speed which in turn can help you reduce maintenance costs by ensuring that the vehicle is driven in an efficient manner.

If you are interested in finding out more about the specs offered by each vehicle model in the R Series, here is a breakdown of the specifications of each vehicle in the range:

R-Day CabR - Sleeper Cab
Size (Height)Day Cab (3100 mm)Low (3100 mm), normal (3340 mm), highline (3540 mm), topline (3860 mm)
BedxLower bed extendable 700 - 900 mm, upper bed 600/700 mmLower bed extendable 700 - 900 mm, upper bed 600/700 mm
Powertrain360 - 730 hp360 - 730 hp

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