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Are you looking for a versatile motor grader? Finding a Bell grader for sale can increase the productivity of your business. The efficient performance and robust design of this equipment contributes to its appeal. You can find a grader for sale on Truck & Trailer. Read our informative blog to learn more about graders and the benefits of buying from Bell Equipment.

Bell Construction Equipment

Bell Equipment has a reputation for manufacturing quality products, the company itself being renowned for supplying trustworthy equipment to the mining, construction and agricultural sectors. Bell Equipment has been operating for more than 60 years and their experience in the industry, combined with cutting-edge technology, enables the company to manufacture outstanding equipment.

From articulated dump trucks to graders for sale, there are a wide range of products which are manufactured by Bell. Bell’s Equipment sells its products on the local and international markets and, with a product range that exceeds 100, you can find all the equipment that you need for your business in one place.

Bell Equipment has an extensive range of dealerships which offer after sales support. Their products have been successfully distributed in more than 80 countries and there are over 25 distribution points in South Africa. Bell construction equipment is well-known for its durability which is just one of the reasons to look for Bell graders for sale.

A Look at Motor Graders

Motor graders play an important role in the construction industry. The versatility of this equipment means that it is used to perform a range of jobs including excavation work. When surfaces are being prepared for paving, these pieces of equipment are used for the task of shaping the surface.

bell grader for sale

When it comes to finding a grader for sale, you can choose between different types and sizes. Motor graders are equipped with a mechanically or hydraulically controlled blade. The blade can be extended, raised or lowered according to the requirements of the job.

While these pieces of equipment can operate in fields they are typically purchased for roadwork. For this application a motorised grader is used to both smooth and flatten the surface before the road is laid.

Motor graders can also be utilised to keep unpaved roads in good condition. Unpaved roads require upkeep especially after bad weather and these pieces of equipment are perfect for the job.

If you are looking for a Bell grader for sale, here is more information on the 770G and 772G models.

The 770G and 772G Bell Graders

When it comes to finding a grader for sale there are plenty of reasons to consider the 770G/772G models from Bell construction equipment.

graders for sale

These motor graders have a bigger cab which improves visibility which in turns means a decreased chance of collisions. The spacious cab also offers improved comfort while Event-Based Shifting contributes to the impressive performance of these Bell graders. EBS delivers smooth transitions regardless of the engine speed. Another highlight of this model is its Dynamic Control which further enhances its performance.

The 770G Bell Graders has big service doors which provide convenience to the service technicians. With the addition of the deluxe lighting package, the 770G is able to get the job done under varying conditions.

Equipped with a robust 9.0L diesel engine, the 770G graders for sale deliver a powerful performance. Its Seal-Switch Module increases the lifespan of the 770G’s electronics which decreases the cost of maintenance and repairs. The LCD diagnostic display is another highlight of this model.

The 772G Bell Grader for sale features a robust transmission and reliable clutch, delivering a performance that is both consistent and powerful. Ground level servicing translates into decreased downtime.

bell grader for sale

With a 416L fuel tank, the 772G keeps going until the job is done. The large fuel tank contributes to greater efficiency and higher profits. Another highlight of the Bell grader is its dynamic six wheel drive.

If you want to compare the specifications of the 770G and 772G models, have a look at the following table.

Specifications of the 770G and 772G Bell Graders

Power (kW)172183
Torque (Nm@rpm)1227 @ 9001288 @ 900
Operating Weight (kg)1878119604

Now that you know more about Bell graders for sale you can browse online to find great bargains. Finding the right grader for sale is crucial as it plays a role in boosting the productivity of your business, and Truck and Trailer is the perfect place to shop. Featuring a range of stunning deals online, you will be sure to have your pick of tiptop graders.

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