Versatility and capability with the 315SL Bell TLB

Are you looking for a Bell TLB? Their innovative features and reliable performance make finding a Bell Equipment a great choice. If you are in the market for a TLB for sale on Truck & Trailer, you might want to consider the 315SL TLB from Bell.

This post delves a little deeper into the 315SL Bell TLB, giving you more information on what you can expect in terms of performance, reliability, safety and comfort.

A highlights of this Bell tractor loader backhoe is its Exclusive PowerShift transmission and Sealed Switch Module. Its Keyless Start and Security Mode sets it apart from the crowd. With their durable design and reliable performance, it is truly a high quality TLB.

bell 315sl tlb for sale

Image Source: Bell Equipment South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The 315SL tractor loader backhoe for sale is a capable workhorse that delivers a dynamic performance. The versatility of this machine makes it well suited to use in a range of applications. Not only does it aid in increasing productivity, it also aids in decreasing daily operational expenses.

Superior Reliability of the 315SL TLB

The 315SL Bell TLB offers unbeatable reliability. When the going gets tough, the 315SL is the tractor loader backhoe that you want to have as part of your equipment.

This piece of Bell equipment is designed to offer fast filter changes. The durable oil filter further enhances the trustworthy performance of this TLB. Diff-lock protection can be activated by the monitor. This feature reduces axle wear and tear by stopping engagement at fast travel speeds.

Maintenance-free batteries offer the advantage of improved battery life. These batteries make starting in cold weather conditions more trustworthy. It also decreases service intervals which translates into reduced down time. The operator has easy access to important information on the cutting-edge monitor.

bell 315sl tlb rear view

Image Source: Bell Equipment South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Machine diagnostics enable the operator to optimise the performance and an updated cooling package enables the coolers to be tilted, making it easier to clean the core. The service points are conveniently positioned to make daily checks faster and more efficient.

The durability of 315SL is improved by big pins as well as replaceable bushings. These features also function to increase the precision of this Bell TLB. The air conditioner is designed to enable fast and simple cleaning.

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315SL’s Comfortable Cab

The 315SL Bell TLB’s comfortable cab enhances productivity. Its spacious interior is designed to create an excellent working environment. The tinted glass offers superior visibility which improves performance as well as safety. The climate control system maintains a pleasant temperature inside the cab despite exterior weather conditions.

There is extra room for storage as well as lockable compartments. A highlight of the cab is the sealed switch module which allows effortless control of the keyless start as well as the optional ride control. The updated loader-control grip is more convenient as well as more efficient.

The steering column controls in this tractor loader backhoe makes it easy to control exterior lights, indicators and wipers. The cab has a 12 volt outlet. Comfort levels are increased by the adjustable tilt steering.

315sl bell tlb bucket lift capacities

Image Source: Bell Equipment South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The cab of this Bell TLB for sale boasts deluxe fabric which offers excellent durability. The 315SL’s cab has dual doors and mechanical suspension. Tinted safety glass offers the operator additional protection.

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Specifications of the 315SL Bell TLB

The engine has a low-level recovery tank which alerts the operator to low levels. A suction-type cooling fan helps prevent the engine from overheating. For added convenience, the exhaust after treatment system is self-cleaning.

This 315SL Bell TLB model features a PowerShift transmission as well as a parking brake and auto shutdown. The backhoe features a standard dipper stick which has a digging depth of 4.17 metres. Highlights of the loader are its anti-spill bucket and its return-to-dig feature.

Optional pallet forks add to the versatility of your Bell equipment. This TLB has class-leading fork visibility. Worksite Pro quick coupler is available for the 315SL. The benefit of this feature is that allows the operator to change attachments conveniently and efficiently.

The optional multi-purpose bucket improves the functionality of this TLB. For an overview of the 315SL tractor loader backhoe, take a look at the following table.

Bell 315SL TLB
Displacement4.5 litre
Net Peak Power (ISO 9249)72 kW @ 2 000 rpm
Net Peak Torque (ISO 9249)392 Nm @ 1 400 rpm
Operating Weight (4WD)7 962 kg
Operating Weight (Work Pro)8 683 kg

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