Let your passengers arrive in style in the Volvo 9400 XL coach

Comfortable, safe, and spacious, the Volvo 9400 XL achieves high levels of customer satisfaction. These stylish buses deliver a reliable performance and their robust design and excellent safety features set them apart from the crowd. If you want to add to your fleet of coaches, you can find a wide range of buses for sale on Truck & Trailer.

Volvo 9400 XL Coaches For Sale | Truck & Trailer

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Volvo 9400 XL overview

The Volvo 9400 XL provides high levels of comfort and safety, which is great for passengers and drivers alike. Their smooth ride quality and low noises ensure that everyone benefits from a relaxing ride while high levels of visibility decrease driver fatigue and improve safety levels. With the 9400 XL, you are sure to secure repeat business and loyal customers.

Stylish exterior

As has come to be expected of Volvo, the 9400 XL features a stylish design. The professional appearance of these buses complements their outstanding performance. From the moment your customers lay eyes on the 9400 XL, they’ll know that they are in safe hands. Volvo services ensure that your buses are kept in optimal running condition. The exterior of the 9400 XL boasts huge glass panels, which contribute to its attractive design and boost visibility. The big foldable wide-view mirrors are an aesthetically appealing and functional aspect of this model. An optional reversing camera supports the driver and makes manoeuvring the bus in an urban environment easier. The Volvo 9400 XL is 13.8m long, 2.60m wide, and 3.61m high. The permitted GVW of this model is 19 000kg.

Volvo 9400 XL Coaches | Buses For Sale On Truck & Trailer

Photo Source – www.volvobuses.co.za

Comfortable interior

An important factor for bus passengers is comfortable seats and generous legroom. They’re also more likely to pay more for a bus with WiFi. The option to purchase food on board is important for people who travel by bus. With the 9400 XL’s awesome interior, you’re sure to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. The spacious interior has a bright and welcoming ambiance that creates a pleasant environment for passengers to travel in. The attractive interior design features a theatre floor and the climate system helps to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the bus. There are 27 or 36 kW AC systems available, which have separate climate zones for the driver and passenger. Entertainment is another important feature that promotes customer satisfaction. The Volvo 9400 XL has a radio as well as a DVD player. This model features 2 x 19” widescreen monitors, a DVD charger, and a USB connection in the dashboard.

Volvo 9400 XL Coach Interior | Truck & Trailer

Photo Source – www.volvobuses.co.za

Improved efficiency

The comfortable cabin provides the ideal work environment for drivers. Its design boosts efficiency and reduces driver’s fatigue. The ergonomic layout supports the driver so that they maintain concentration on the road ahead. A highlight of these buses is their Volvo I-Shift transmission, which contributes to the smooth ride quality these buses offer.

Superior safety

When it comes to what bus passengers want, safety is high on their list of priorities. Research shows that two-thirds of passengers use seatbelts, which makes this an important feature of any bus. Many passengers inquire about the bus’s safety features before they book their ticket. Safety is at the core of the Volvo 9400 XL’s design. The Volvo 9400 XL boasts Knee Impact Protection as well as Front Impact protection. These coaches are also equipped with a Front Under-Run Protection system. Optional features, such as Volvo I-Coaching, take the safety of this model up a notch. Another useful safety option is Volvo Alco Lock.

Volvo 9400 XL Coaches | Truck & Trailer

Photo Source – www.volvobuses.co.za


The 9400 XL is equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine that has a maximum output of 340hp with a peak torque of 1 630Nm at 1 200rpm. These coaches are compliant with the Euro 3 emissions standards. The 9400 XL features electronically controlled air suspension. The electronically controlled disc brakes, as well as the Engine Brake and Brake Blending, function contribute to the high levels of safety that these buses offer.

Volvo 9400 XL Coaches For Sale In SA | Truck & Trailer

Photo Source – www.volvobuses.co.za

Now that you know more about the Volvo 9400 XL, you can search for coaches for sale online at Truck & Trailer. With both new and used variations available, it’s easy to find a bus that matches your budget.

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