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Volvo is renowned for their innovative products and the Volvo FL Electric is no exception. As the company’s first all-electric commercial truck, the FL Electric is a cutting-edge contribution to the waste management sector. These Volvo trucks are also a valuable resource for urban distribution and the FL Electric will become available in Europe next year. If you’re looking for a durable addition to your business operations, you can find a range of reliable trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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The Volvo FL Electric has space for two to six lithium-ion batteries. They offer between 100 to 300kWh, which gives these trucks a travelling distance of up to 300km. The batteries are easy to recharge and the truck will be ready to go again after a charging period of one to two hours. There is also the option to charge these trucks with AC overnight. Not only do these Volvo trucks make your operations more environmentally friendly, they also increase the efficiency of your business. An advantage of owning these trucks is that they can be operated in environmental zones as well as in indoor terminals. No fossil fuels are used in the operation of an electric truck. This means that these trucks have no exhaust emissions.

The FL Electric offers reduced noise levels when compared to their diesel counterparts. It allows an increased amount of work to be done at night without creating a disturbance. Trucks completing goods distribution tasks at night don’t need to operate in peak traffic hours, which improves their efficiency significantly. Research in Stockholm revealed that these trucks can complete goods distribution tasks in one third of the time if they are operated at night.

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Volvo is striving to achieve a holistic outlook on electrification, which includes reviewing how the raw materials for the batteries are obtained. The first Volvo FL Electric models are being used in Sweden for refuge collection as well as for haulage. The FL Electric models are not the first electric vehicles that the company has produced as Volvo are responsible for manufacturing the Polestar 1 coupe. Volvo’s latest electronic truck will join Tesla’s electric Semi on the market in 2019. Tesla’s truck offers drivers a range of 805km. Another reason to find the Tesla trucks for sale is that they incorporate selected self-driving capabilities. The UPS has joined forces with Workhorse Group Inc to create a range of electric trucks too.

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Volvo trucks reported that they aim to create customised solutions for their customers to assist them with the change from diesel to electronic trucks. Solutions will take into account each customer’s load capacity requirements as well as their driving cycles. Other aspects of the customer’s operations that will be considered include servicing and financing. Volvo buses have achieved sales of over 4 000 for the hybrid and fully electronic range since 210. The company’s experience with electronic vehicles enables them to understand what it takes for the transition to using an electronic truck to be successful.

Volvo FL Electric | Truck & Trailer

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If you’re looking for a truck that reduces noise and air pollution, then the Volvo FL Electric is the one for you. These trucks decrease your business’s impact on the environment and they also boost efficiency. From operating at night to completing tasks in green zones, these trucks enable you to do more. If you’re planning to expand your fleet, you can find a range of trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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