Volvo FMX: Built to handle the toughest conditions

Tough and durable, the Volvo FMX is built to meet the demands of the construction industry. These huge trucks move heavy loads across tough terrain effortlessly and the comfortable cabin provides a pleasant work environment that boosts productivity. From start to finish, every aspect of the FMX is built to overcome any challenges you throw at it. Looking for a reliable transportation solution? Find a Volvo for sale on Truck & Trailer today.

Tough exterior

The tough Volvo FMX | Truck & Trailer
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The capable performance that the Volvo FMX delivers is evident in its robust exterior design. Its durable components ensure that downtime is reduced, and the bull bar is bigger and better. Likewise, you can expect more from the corner bumpers. Thanks to the cast iron towing device, the FMX can pull 32 tons.

The latest variation boasts new headlights, which have a higher position to enhance overall durability. Highlights of this model are its polypropylene-coated steel bumper and the 3-millimetre thick skid plate. The cab entrance is designed to offer convenient and safe entry. Visibility is improved by the thick mirror arms and the elevated position of the air intakes. With exposed fasteners, it’s convenient to change damaged panels.

Pleasant interior

The interior of the Volvo FMX is created to provide a pleasant work environment, which helps to boost productivity. It’s simple design and clear layout keeps you focused on the task at hand. Its Raven interior has been developed to resist stains, making it well-suited to building sites. Important information is easy to access on the instrument cluster.

Volvo FMX interior | Truck & Trailer
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The flexible switches make it possible to customise the layout so the functions that you use most are positioned near the steering wheel. With generous storage space, it’s easy to keep your work environment neat and organised. Compartments for paperwork and bottle holders provide a handy area to keep smaller items within easy reach.

The ergonomic design of the steering wheel offers you superior comfort. The distinctive seat provides plenty of support and it can be adjusted to meet the precise requirements of individual drivers.

Awesome features

Packed full of useful features, the Volvo FMX is tailored to meet the requirements of the construction industry. The seven-inch touch screen is simple to use, and the functions can also be adjusted by voice commands. The FMX boasts a navigation system, which makes it easy to find your way. With Dynafleet OnBoard, it’s possible to stay on track and to keep connected wherever you travel to. Running costs are decreased with guidance from Driver Coaching, which enables you to adapt your driving style for maximum fuel efficiency.

Volvo FMX features | Truck & Trailer
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A handy compartment holds seven litres of water, keeping you hydrated wherever you are. The electric parking brake is operated using a switch on the dashboard offering you both convenience and improved safety. The innovative key makes it possible to unlock the door from a distance and to turn the lights on. For increased safety, there’s even a panic button that activates the hooter. A pleasant temperature is maintained inside the cab with electronic climate control.


The durable chassis is built to cope with the tough conditions that are associated with the construction industry. The back air-suspension decreases vibrations and improves driving comfort. Another advantage is decreased wear and tear. With the Automatic Traction Control, you’ll benefit from all-wheel-drive traction in rough conditions and better economy when the terrain is easier.

Volvo FMX chassis | Truck & Trailer
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Tandem Axle Lift ensures that you get the best load capacity without compromising on drivability. If you’re taking on the most challenging tasks, your FMX can be equipped with five axles.

Invest in a Volvo FMX and boost the productivity of your construction company. Find a Volvo for sale on Truck & Trailer today.

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Volvo FMX: Built to handle the toughest conditions | Truck & Trailer
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Volvo FMX: Built to handle the toughest conditions | Truck & Trailer
Tough and durable, the Volvo FMX is built to meet the demands of the construction industry. Every aspect of the FMX is built to boost productivity.
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