Volvo FMX: Increase uptime with the construction giant

Producing heavy duty trucks that are tough and reliable, Volvo FMX trucks are robust, strong and ready to take on any challenge. If you are looking for Volvo trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer, the FMX Volvo trucks are well worth considering.

The Volvo Trucks Brand

Volvo – Latin for “I roll” – is a brand that is committed to keeping you rolling. From buses and boats to trucks and construction equipment, Volvo group brand likes to claim that “together, we move the world,” and that they do.

volvo fmx truck

Image Source: Volvo Trucks South Africa Website.

As the second-largest heavy duty truck brand, Volvo has a strong reputation for quality and safety – across all of its vehicles. As the pioneer in several safety innovations from the three-point seatbelt to Anti-locking Brake Systems (ABS), you can be sure that Volvo Trucks is not only focused on function but safety as well.

While Volvo branded trucks were created in the arctic cold of Sweden, this brand does not make its heavy duty trucks only suited for its homeland – it is a global brand delivering quality and reliability.

Volvo heavy duty trucks have been tested and tried in a wide variety of climates, terrains, and sites to ensure that no matter where you are, from the city to the sea, you can trust these trucks to maximize productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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The Volvo FMX Series

The FMX Series is a revolutionary line in true Volvo fashion. Not only are the FMX Volvo trucks built for reliable strength and performance, but also for ultimate versatility and customisability for any task that your job may require.

Need extra capacity to transport a heavier load? The Volvo FMX series can accommodate. Traveling across rough, rocky terrain? You can choose the suspension and axle configuration that is right for your needs. With all of the choices brought to you by Volvo Trucks, there’s almost no excuse not to buy one!

Design and Function of the FMX Series

The Volvo FMX was expertly designed to look, feel, and drive tough. Its boxy shape connects all of the features and attachments to form a solid, secure front. A little rough around the edges, yes, but all for functionality and ease for you in the long run.

The front of this heavy duty truck is equipped to take on pain. A double-strength bumper holds down the front with a polypropylene coating for an extra layer of protection. It’s okay if you drive into that pile of debris, Volvo Trucks wants you to get their heavy duty trucks scarred and dirty!

The 3 mm skid plate was designed to protect the FMX, inside and out. The skid plate protects against any excess dust or particles that could potentially harm the engine, increasing the durability of your heavy duty truck. The front underrun protection system (FUPS) is a shock-absorbing system to prevent the frame from giving in in the event of a crash or collision.

fmx volvo truck front

Image Source: Volvo Trucks South Africa Website.

For safety and convenience, the foldable step into the cab has an anti-skid design to ensure that you get in and out of the cab as quickly and safely as possible. One might remark on the exposed nuts and bolts on the front of the Volvo FMX. This was not a design flaw but a functional fitting. Save time and money on repairs with the easy access fasteners on the front panels that let you replace any panels on your own.

The FMX Series comes in four different cab types- Day cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, and the Crew cab with the Globetrotter cab being the tallest with an interior height of 196 cm.

Volvo Trucks knows how much time you’ll be spending with their trucks, so they have given buyers more customisability in their hands. Have your pick of an assortment of over 650 colors for the cab of your choosing.

If your aim is maximizing productivity, the interior is where you spend most of your time. Volvo heavy duty trucks design their cab interior with your comfort and efficiency in mind. Plenty of storage space above, under and behind. The Volvo FMX comes with plenty of handy compartments, even a writing space for you to handle paperwork.

volvo fmx

Image Source: Volvo Trucks South Africa Website.

The seats in FMX Volvo trucks are improved. More room for adjustments, more legroom, and more cushion for those long haul drives. If you have to spend a night or two in the cab, with this heavy duty truck, it won’t be something to dread. The lower bed comes with your choice of firmness. Control your bedtime atmosphere with parking heating, interior lights, and an alarm clock.

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Capacity of the FMX Volvo Trucks

With the ability to tow up to 32 tons, these heavy duty trucks should not be underestimated. The Volvo FMX has a max power of 330-520hp. The highlight of Volvo Trucks is the I-shift automated gear change system. This intuitive system keeps you in the right gear and reads the road ahead to help take the thought out of controlling the vehicle.

I-Shift comes with the basic software package, but has optional additional software packages available such as I-Shift construction gear changing software that makes you more agile in harsh road conditions and a software package for long-haul jobs where you need more fuel efficiency.

With the Power Launch, getting your heavy duty truck stuck in mud or any other pitfalls of a construction site are no longer a worry. Power Launch activates extra torque to get you up and rolling.

Stay gripped to the road with Automatic Traction Control (ATC) while you tow away up to 25,000kg at a maximum angle of 15 degrees. The 3mm reinforcement on the bumper can give you piece of mind while you take on any towing job.

Volvo FMX – Productivity, Reliability, Profitability

Volvo takes your productivity seriously, focusing on uptime, not downtime, making its heavy duty trucks as durable as possible so that your Volvo FMX will stay on the job as long as possible- where it’s meant to be.

The I-shift transmission system saves you time when driving, but helps your truck to last longer with reduced stress on the tyres and clutch. The sturdy front was designed to take hard knocks. Even damaging the front has proved difficult.

In case something does go wrong on your heavy duty truck, exposed fasteners save you time and money by allowing you to fix minor issues on your own time. All FMX Volvo trucks come with a free Volvo Service Plan with preventative maintenance built-in so you rarely ever have to come back.

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Fuel Efficiency and Engine Specifications

Always thought that a huge truck was always harsh on the environment? With these Volvo heavy duty trucks, fuel efficiency is a staple. The I-Roll system activates automatic engagement of certain functions on flat roads where low engine power is needed so you never waste fuel. The I-See component stores topography data that is shared with other trucks so that yours knows what’s coming to predict fuel use and driving style.

PowerTorqueCylindersChassis LengthCapacity
D11A330 - 470hp1650 - 1970Nm6~8185mm10.8L
D13A400 - 520hp2000 - 2500Nm6~ 7428mm12.8L

The Volvo FMX heavy duty truck is a smart investment for your construction needs. This heavy duty truck was made to stay on site and work hard on site. Durability built-in, fuel efficiency, and reliability. What more could you need in a truck? Prices vary by year, mileage, and other potentially negotiable factors.

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