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In the market for reliable cranes for sale on Truck and Trailer? XCMG Cranes offer a good solution to many construction businesses. With a range of cranes and crawler cranes, we not only focus on XCMG equipment, but highlight the crawler crane models in the QUY series.

The history of cranes can be traced back to the days of the ancient Greeks who invented the very first crane to help them in their construction work. The modern day crane is an adaptation of their old predecessors’ cranes as they serve the same purpose as their predecessors; to lift and lower heavy material.

xcmg crane

At its core, a crane can be described as a tower with cables and pulleys that is mostly used in the construction industry to lift, lower and horizontally shift heavy material. Cranes are a very important asset in construction and manufacturing as they make working with heavy materials easier, speeding up work times, and reducing effort and labour.

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Why Cranes?

Cranes are usually temporary structures, although anyone who has driven past Camps Bay would beg to differ. These machines are either fixed to the ground, or mounted on a purpose-vehicle, depending on the intended use; for example whether or not material must be transported from one place to another. For anyone involved in heavy construction, the crane might be the single most important piece of construction equipment to own.

xcmg crane for sale

QUY350 | Image Source: XCMG South Africa Website.

The advantage of the crane’s design is that it allows the construction industry to harness enough power in just one machine to move large amounts of material at a quick and relatively inexpensive rate. Can you imagine having to hire several people to manually perform all the lifting and shifting a crane can do?

This would be impractical on your time and your wallet. All in all, a crane and even a crawler crane reduces a lot of labour on a job, and would cut down on a very time-consuming and difficult process. The innovation and technological development brought along through the use of modern cranes not only makes carrying heavy materials easier and cheaper, it also eases the life of labourers allowing your workers to spend more time on other tasks while increasing your company’s productivity.

One of many other benefits that you will gain from investing in a crane is an overall reduction in your company’s overheads. While purchasing a crane is of course an initial investment to purchase the equipment, the money you could potentially save as a result of not having to pay more workers for labour intensive work will, in the long run, offset the initial costs.

quy250 crawler crane from xcmg

QUY250 | Image Source: XCMG South Africa Website.

Investing in a crane will also help add an element of adaptability and safety to your company’s work. Your labourers will benefit from working in a far safer environment and your use of cranes will mitigate against potential work related injuries. No lawsuits, and a safer, more efficient workplace- what more could you want?!

XCMG Construction Equipment

A notable brand that manufactures and supplies cranes is the Chinese manufacturing multinational Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, abbreviated as XCMG. Founded 27 years ago in China, XCMG is a government owned company that has managed to attain a high ranking amongst construction companies around the world.

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XCMG is currently ranked as the 5th biggest machinery company in the world and the largest in China. The sheer size of XCMG equipment and its reputation has allowed it to partner with companies such as Caterpillar and Sinopac. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the XCMG crawler crane is a popular option.

One thing that cannot be understated is XCMG’s world class pre and post-purchase service. XCMG, through its 400 customer service centres provides everything from technical support to repairs and spares inquiries, during sales service. This includes consultative sales, one-stop financial service and a delivery service that comes with a staff training service for the initial instalment of all machinery and year round after sale service.

The QUY XCMG Cranes

If you are looking for XCMG cranes for sale, the QUY is a viable option. A notable range from XCMG construction equipment is the QUY crawler crane models. The QUY models are tailor made for different construction, farming and manufacturing needs. Below is a comparison of the QUY XCMG cranes available and the features of each model:

ModelEngine OutputMax Swing SpeedMax Travel SpeedTotal Mass
QUY350320kW1.0 r/min0.95 km/h325T
QUY250242kW1.22 r/min1.0 km/h230T
QUY180250kW1.5 r/min13 km/h175T
QUY150220kW (Volvo) / 242kW (Cummins)1.5 r/min1.0 km/h150T

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Tech in the QUY XCMG Crawler Crane Models

From a technological perspective the QUY Crane models come with a number of features that help improve the overall safety and usability of the crawler cranes. A crawler crane much like other XCMG crawler cranes are manufactured with a sway control feature that limits the load sway of the crane by automatically taking control of the trolley acceleration and deceleration rates. This ensures that the crane delivers a more precise load positioning and reducing load cycle times.

xcmg crawler crane

QUY150 | Image Source: XCMG South Africa Website.

To add, this crawler crane for sale is manufactured with a slack rope prevention feature that boosts both the crane safety and productivity by detecting when the load has landed or stopped moving in order to ensure that the hoist ropes do not slacken and slip out of the hook block.

The QUY crawler crane is also manufactured with very practical features such as microspeed and inching that collectively both help make the crane’s movement more precise and deliver improved load control.

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