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High-pressure washer available at Truck & Trailer 0

7 common uses of a high-pressure washer

Remove tough stains with a high-pressure washer. Whether you’re fixing your car or having a braai, outdoor activities can be a messy business. This machinery allows you to make the most of your outdoor...

Forklits | Truck & Trailer 0

5 ways forklifts can help your business

Add value to your business by investing in forklifts. These machines take the efficiency of your operations to new heights and they can play a role in the expansion of your business. Their versatile...

Maintain a Concrete mixer | Truck & Trailer 0

6 tips on how to maintain a concrete mixer

Are you wondering how to maintain a concrete mixer? Keeping your machines in good working order is important as it affects their performance. Besides ensuring maximum efficiency during your project, you’ll also benefit from...

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