Cultivate your soil for optimal growth

You can increase the productivity of your farm by investing in a field cultivator. This equipment is a useful tool in agriculture as it plays a role in boosting crop yields. Discover more about this type of farm equipment by reading our blog. You can find a cultivator for sale on AgriMag.

What is a cultivator?

A field cultivator is a piece of farm equipment that is used to mix the soil surrounding the crop. This process aims to facilitate crop growth and reduce weeds, and they are used for both deep and surface work on the soil. The versatility of this equipment makes it an appealing addition to any farm. It can be used for multiple purposes, which decreases the need for a number of other farm tools. Cultivators are operated with a tr

farming soil cultivator for sale

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actor, which makes them well-suited to large operations in agriculture. They are particularly useful for the cultivation of wheat and corn. The advantage of these machines is that they provide an efficient method of tilling and cultivating big sections of land.

The advantages of finding a cultivator for sale

Soil is compacted by the use of machines, foot traffic, and rainfall. The result is a poor soil quality that inhibits crops from thriving. Compacted soil makes it difficult for air and water to reach the plant’s roots. It also has a negative effect on the drainage of the soil. The advantage of finding a cultivator for sale is that it is used to prepare the soil quality by aerating it. Aerated soil makes it easier for roots to grow and it also enables water to reach the plant’s roots easily. A field cultivator is used to loosen clumps of soil, which adds air to the soil and reduces the chances of the soil becoming flooded. Loose soil makes it easier to pull weeds out from their roots. If their roots are left in the ground, it gives them a chance to regrow. This farm equipment mixes the soil thoroughly. which is advantageous.

growing soil farming cultivator for sale

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Cultivators can be used to create rows of soil with trenches in between. The shallow trench is then ready to be planted with seeds and covered with the furrowed soil that lies next to them. A field cultivator is best suited to working with soil that is slightly moist. It is more difficult to work with very dry or very wet soil. If wet clay soil is cultivated, the process causes the formation of more clumps which is detrimental to root growth. It’s advisable only to cultivate heavy soils before planting as well as when you need to mix in fertiliser.

What is the difference between a cultivator and a plough?

Cultivators can be used before the crop is planted or once it is growing. It differs from a harrow as it works in careful patterns rather than disturbing the entire surface of the soil. While cultivators serve a similar purpose to ploughs in agriculture, they also have distinct differences. Cultivators work with the topsoil, often to control weeds. Ploughs have a deeper penetration than cultivators and they are used to decompose the hardpan. Cultivating requires less power than ploughing.

soil farming cultivator for sale vegetables

Photo credit – Markus Hagenlocher

Now that you know the advantages of finding a cultivator for sale, you can search for this kind of farm equipment online. With a range of brands and models to choose from, you are sure to find one that matches your requirements.

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