Cut operating costs and increase driver satisfaction with the DAF XF

Are you looking for a reliable truck to add to your fleet? DAF trucks for sale offer hassle free solutions to the transportation needs of your business. If you want to increase the efficiency of your company’s operations while reducing costs, DAF trucks are a great choice.

DAF Trucks and the DAF Brand

The benefit of adding DAF trucks to your fleet is that they have low operating costs and, while incurring fewer expenses, these trucks also boost the productivity of your business. Their trustworthy and powerful performance provides a viable solution to the transportation needs of your business.

6x4 trucks

Image Source: International Trucks Port Elizabeth Website.

Not only do these trucks deliver an impressive performance, they also offer the best driver satisfaction. Reduced driver fatigue and improved driver comfort translates into more efficient business operations.

The DAF XF 105 6×4 trucks offer class-leading space inside the cab. These trucks offer superior driver comfort as well as impressive revenues per kilometre. Equipped with an MX engine, DAF XF trucks offer leading performances.

Another advantage of finding DAF trucks for sale is that they come with optional features such as Vehicle Stability Control and Hill-start Aid. Forward Collision Warning and Electronic Braking System are other optional extras which are available for XF trucks.

With a wide selection of optional extras you can customise these trucks to meet the needs of your business. These additional features also boost driver confidence and enhance the safety of your transport operations.

105 daf xf trucks

Image Source: DAF Website.

Used DAF trucks for sale offer great value-for-money. DAF trucks have a reputation for reliability and quality which makes buying used trucks a viable option. Buying second hand offers an affordable solution to adding new trucks to your fleet.

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The DAF XF 105

When you are selecting trucks for your company, the DAF XF 105 460 FTT HR 1355 (with HUB reduction axles) and XF 105 460 FTT SR 1360 (with HYPOID axles) are both good options.

A primary concern when choosing a truck is its performance. Equipped with a 12.9 litre 6-cylinder engine, these 6×4 trucks deliver an impressive performance. The Turbo Charger is another noteworthy feature of these engines. Their compliance with Euro 3 emission standards adds to their appeal. The top gear gradeability of these models is 1.2% at 80 kph. For an overview of the specifications of the HR13355 and SR1360 DAF trucks, here is a useful table.

Specifications of the DAF XF 105 trucks

Engine ModelPACCAR MX 340PACCAR MX 340
Displacement (litre)12.912.9
Power Output (kW @ rpm)340 @ 1500 – 1900340 @ 1500 – 1900
Torque (Nm @ rpm)2300 @ 1000-14102300 @ 1000-1410

The cab of the truck is another important consideration. The HR13355 and SR1360 are both equipped with Space cabs. The Space cab has a high roof which offers additional comfort. These models have a double sleeper bunk.

The 4 point suspension offers a comfortable ride and reduces driver fatigue and convenient features of these cabs are their electric windows and door locks. The head lamps offer better visibility which increases safety and decreases driver fatigue, and air-conditioning keeps the cab at a pleasant temperature even in the hot summer months.

daf xf 105 truck

Image Source: DAF Website.

Cruise control is another convenient feature of these 6×4 trucks. A highlight of the DAF XF 150 460 FTT is its air suspended driver’s seat. The Space cabs have an external sun visor as well as a glass roof hatch. Safety features of these models include Hill Start Assist and Downhill Speed Control.

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