Pave your way to business success with a Dynapac Paver

Dynapac offers you exceptional pavers whose design has stood the test of time. They integrate cutting-edge technology into their implements and the outcome is high-performance pavers you can rely on. The all-around quality these pavers provide you with make them an excellent investment. Their features enhance the productivity of your business, which ultimately results in an improved return on investment. You can find your own Dynapac paver for sale on Truck & Trailer today.

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Industry necessity

Pavers play a vital role in the construction industry. They’re used to pave roads, as well as different types of outdoor services, and distribute materials such as asphalt, while also playing a role in shaping it. These Dynapac paved rollers help to create a level surface and its tracks offer outstanding traction while decreasing its speed and manoeuvrability. Adjustments can be made to accommodate sections of paving that have different widths.

Durability and efficiency

A highlight of the Dynapac F2500CS is that it’s equipped with Dyn@Link, a useful feature that makes it easy to monitor and control your machines. This tool enhances the efficiency of your operations and also makes operating these machines more convenient. The durability of the Dynapac parts adds to the appeal of their pavers and makes these tracked pavers an asset to your business.

Dynapac F2500CS Paver | Pavers For Sale In SA | Truck & Trailer

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In order to decide whether these pavers are right for your business or not, you’ll need to assess their specifications. The paver that you choose will depend on the tasks that you need completed and your budget. The Dynapac F2500CS pavers have a weight of 18 tonnes, a maximum paving speed of 30 m/min, and a transport speed of 4km/h. These machines are equipped with a Cummins QSB 6.7 – C173 engine that delivers 129 kW of power at 2 200 rpm. They have a 24 V electrical system with 320ℓ fuel tank capacity. Dynapac pavers are fitted with a dual bar feeder conveyor, which has a width of 2 x 655mm. They feature automatic control with limit switches.

This machine has an axle track of 2 900mm, maximum width of 3 400mm and a standard width of 2 550mm. The track width for this model is 320mm. The maximum height of these pavers is 3 900mm and they have a transport height of 3 100mm. They have a height of 492mm, length of 6 145mm and a hopper length of 2 123mm.

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A range of services kits is available for these machines, which includes an auger wear part kit and a conveyor chain kit with single and double bar quantities available. Other options include a conveyor guide plate kit, a conveyor plate kit and a standard hopper rubber kit. Buying a hopper rubber kit, which includes a front hopper, is also an option. A reversing roller kit, rubber plate kit, and service kit are also available.

Now that you have a better understanding of the advantages of owning a Dynapac paver, you can look for these machines for sale online. These pavers deliver a noteworthy performance that you can trust.

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