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Are you looking for Paramount trailers for sale? Trailers play a vital role across a range of industries. Owning a quality trailer can increase the efficiency of your business. If you are transporting materials and goods on South African roads, you will need a trailer that you can rely on. Paramount has established a reputation for manufacturing superior products. Read our blog to learn more about Paramount and what they have to offer.


Image Source: Paramount Trailers Website.

Paramount Trailers in South Africa

Paramount Trailers is dedicated to providing South African businesses with top quality trailers that deliver a reliable performance. Paramount provides their customers with a personalised service that is tailored to meet their customer’s requirements. Their diverse range of products offer affordable transport solutions to businesses nation-wide. At the core of Paramount’s reputation for excellence are their company values.

Paramount started off supplying flat deck trailers in 1997. Since then the company has expanded to offer a diverse range of products. Paramount is a leading manufacturer in South Africa. They also supply the SADC region. They accept trade-ins and can assist with selling your used trailer as well. In addition to manufacturing trailers they are specialised in services and repairs. Paramount also manufactures rigid bodies and fits them to trucks. The company sells trucks as a transport solution to pulling trailers.


In South Africa, most raw materials and industrial supplies are transported by road. It is therefore necessary for companies to have trustworthy and convenient methods of transportation. A trailer is used to transport goods in a wide range of industries. Paramount trailers undergo a quality inspection before they are sold. Each trailer’s road stress and weight bearing capacity are tested. The trailer is checked for structural weaknesses and the efficiency of its brakes is tested. Take a look at some of the Paramount trailers for sale which are currently available.

Tipping Trailers from Paramount

A Tipping Trailer is well suited to mining and construction companies. They are used to transport mineral resources as well as construction material. Their ability to tip sideways or backwards puts these trailers one step ahead. Paramount Trailers sells the Interlink Side Tipper Combination, Triaxle side tipper semi-trailer and the Under Body Hoist Tipper Semi-trailer. The Triaxle and Tandem Axle Sloper semi-trailer is another option.


Image Source: Paramount Trailers Website.

Paramount’s Curtain Side Trailers

A Curtain Side Trailer is customised to meet each client’s individual needs. Perfect for transporting loads, this trailer offers a safe and affordable way to transport materials. Another advantage of this trailer is that the side frame and curtains can be used for brand promotion. If you choose to buy a curtain side trailer you can choose the Triaxle and Tendem Axle Tautliners or the Interlink and Superlink Tautliner Combinations. Another option is the Pantech Semi-trailer.


Image Source: Paramount Trailers Website.

Bulk Feed Tankers

Bulk Feed Tankers were introduced to Paramount’s range in 2011. Bulk Feed Tankers are manufactured from steel and aluminium and they can be customised to meet the needs of each individual business. Customisation options enable the trailer design to meet the needs of the business’s payload requirements.


Image Source: Paramount Trailers Website.

Bulk feed tankers are useful in the agricultural industry. They can be used to transport poultry and pig food as well as dog pellets. These Paramount trailers for sale come with an optional personalised stainless steel auger system which can be used to transport corrosive products. Options include the Paramount bulk feed tanker, rigid bulk feed tanker and bulk feed tank.

Specialised Trailers for sale

A specialised trailer is tailor made to suit the operations of your business. Their excellent quality and impressive specifications makes a specialised trailer a great option. Sugar cane, cattle and timber trailers are available from Paramount. Walking Floor semi-trailers are also available.


Image Source: Paramount Trailers Website.

Step Deck and Low Bed Paramount Trailers

A Step deck and Low deck trailer is used in the construction industry to transport equipment. The trailer has a flatbed with a dropped back area to enable the transportation of loads that are tall and heavy. These trailers have a maximum carrying capacity that ranges from 30 to 65 tons. Paramount offers the swan neck and square neck semi-trailers in this category.


Image Source: Paramount Trailers Website.

Now that you know more about Paramount trailers for sale you can find a trailer that best matches your business’s requirements, on Truck and Trailer. Once you have the right trailer you can rest easy knowing that your goods will reach their destination successfully.

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