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Get ahead of your competition by investing in the new UD Quon. Your business will benefit from the high levels of safety and improved productivity. Increased uptime and excellent drivability set these models apart from the crowd. Are you expanding your fleet? Find a UD Quon truck for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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To achieve the ultimate safety levels, the vehicle needs to predict potential risks and alert the driver accordingly. The UD Quon truck is equipped with innovative safety features to protect the driver, the vehicle, and its contents. Not only will your staff be safer, but the risk to other drivers on the road will also be reduced. The UD Quon’s safety features include the following:

  • Disc Brakes – quality brakes are important for the safety of any truck. The new UD Quon comes with the option of heat-dissipating, fade-resistant disc brakes for extra protection.
  • Traffic Eye Brake – this feature includes a millimetre-wave radar and a camera, which keep track of the conditions up ahead. The driver is alerted if there is a risk of colliding with another vehicle. If the gap between the truck and the vehicle ahead is too small, the brakes are applied to decrease the risk of an accident.
  • Driver Alert System – using cutting-edge technology, this feature picks up driving irregularities and advises the driver to take a break.
  • Lane Departure warning system – the driver is alerted if the truck unintentionally leaves its lane at speeds over 60kph.
  • Improved Visibility – LED headlamps boost visibility at night and in bad weather conditions.
  • SAFES Cabin – the strength of the cabin, combined with its advanced design, reduces the risk of serious injury if a collision takes place.

Fuel efficiency

Equipped with an innovative and fuel-efficient driveline, the new UD Quon delivers an economic performance without compromising its capabilities. Not only is its improved fuel efficiency better for the environment, but it also contributes to reduced running costs. Equipped with ESCOT-VI 12 speed transmission, these trucks deliver improved consistency and faster responses.

The road predictive function offers better economy when tackling slopes. The Nenpi Coach feature guides the person behind the wheel to adjust their driving style so that optimal efficiency can be achieved. Both the GH11 and GH8 engine are designed to deliver outstanding fuel efficiency.


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Excellent drivability makes investing in a UD Quon truck an advantageous option for your business. The cabin is designed to offer a comfortable work environment, which helps to reduce fatigue. Traffic Eye Cruise Control adds convenience to operating these trucks, especially during longer trips. Driver fatigue is further decreased by the ergonomic design of the steering wheel and the convenient placement of switches. The instrument panel offers the driver easy access to vital information. The design of the dashboard also prioritises the comfort of the driver.


Increased uptime ensures that you deliver a reliable service to your customers. With a truck you can depend on in your fleet, it’s easy to get the job done on time and without any hassles. Quality chassis and durable components contribute to the trustworthy performance these trucks deliver.

The UD Quon trucks have proven themselves during testing in harsh conditions. These trucks are designed to make maintenance easy, which ensures that they’re kept in optimal working conditions at all times. UD Extra Mile Support offers you the assistance you need to ensure that your trucks are delivering their best performance.


With higher levels of productivity, the new UD Quon boosts profits. These trucks are built to offer you an increased payload, which improves their efficiency. The lightweight, 8-litre engine contributes to the higher payload these trucks can accommodate. A selection of body specifications makes it possible to choose the truck that matches the requirements of your business precisely. The height of the 6×2 and 6×4 variations can be adjusted according to the loading environment to make handling cargo more convenient.

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With its impressive fuel efficiency and improved uptime, it’s easy to see why the new UD Quon is so popular. Find a UD Quon truck for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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Check out the all-new UD Quon truck | Truck & Trailer
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Check out the all-new UD Quon truck | Truck & Trailer
Get ahead of your competition by investing in the new UD Quon. Your business will benefit from the high levels of safety and improved productivity.
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