C1540 Cone Crushers from Terex

Terex cone crushers are some of the most fuel efficient hoppers/feeders that you will find on the market. If you are in the market for a crusher for sale, be sure to check out what Truck & Trailer has to offer.

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The Terex C1540 crusher comes built with a purge system to protect the machine and to add to your crusher’s productive capacity when it comes to removing metal contaminants.

There are numerous other features that have been added to these Terex cone crushers to ensure you have a hopper/feeder that is easy to maintain. They have very rapid set-up time, a high reduction ratio and a highly advanced electronic control system to maximize your driving experience; while ensuring that you have the most productive driving session you possibly can with this Terex crusher.

The C-1540 Cone crusher from Terex

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The C 1540 is the optimum machine for medium sized producers and contract crushing operators. This range of cone crushers for sale come with features such as fuel efficient direct drive transmission via the clutch system, a hydraulic tramp relief system with automatic reset that protects the chamber and minimises potential down time.

The crushers also have advanced load sensing auxiliary hydraulics system that helps maximise the machines’ efficiency and a metal detection system on the crushers’ feed belt that has auto stop to protect the cone from tramp metal and a purge system to remove any contaminants from the machine.

The C-1540 Dual Power Crusher

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The Dual Power Terex C1540 comes built with an added bit of flexibility that allows the cone crusher to have the ability to be powered either by mains through an electric connection or from the on-board genset powerpack configuration. Both of these powering options present alternatives that offer significant power at low costs and with limited maintenance requirements.

Incorporated into these power offerings is a crusher that manages to remain energy efficient while being a very productive machine. You can expect features that have become synonymous with this Terex cone crusher ranges. These traditional features include direct electric drive, automatic tramp relief and hydraulic closed side setting adjustment.

On top of these standard features as an optional feature you can also choose to have your Dual Power Terex C1540 fitted with a patented pre-screen module which allows for fine material to bypass before actually being fed into the crushing chamber. This extra bypass serves the purpose of making the crushing chamber more durable by reducing wear and tear.

Much like the Terex C1540 this dual power Terex cone crusher also comes fitted with an automated metal detection and purge system. Similarly to the C1540 this is built into this dual power cone crusher to minimise maintenance costs and make it as easy as possible to set up the machine.

There are a few additional features you can expect to get with the dual power crusher from Terex, including:

  • The metal detection system. This also comes with an auto stop feature to protect the cone.
  • The dual powered cone crusher also comes with an optional pre-screen module that maximises the cone’s production capabilities, and the its electrically driven power system provides the cone with significantly more cost and efficiency advantages than most standard crushers.

C1540RS Cone Crusher

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The C1540RS Terex cone crusher is a much more versatile option. This crusher from Terex provides the versatility of both a crushing plant and a screening plant in one crusher. This makes this crusher a truly innovative machine that will definitely be of value to companies looking for a productive and cost efficient cone crusher for sale. This model comes built with an on-board recirculating system and a 12 by 5 double deck sizing screen that is detachable allowing for more open circuit crushing.

What makes this detachable screen quite amazing is that you have the option to detach the screen without lifting the equipment at all. This makes recirculation and sizing of materials a smoother process. On top of these standard features the Terex C1540RS also comes with an optional mid-grade conveyor that can work in conjunction with the optional lower deck screen.

The C-1540P cone crusher for sale

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The C1540P Terex crusher leads the way in crushers that are designed for productivity. This crusher comes with standard features such as a direct variable hydrostatic drive, an automatic tramp relief and a hydraulic adjustable closed side setting. This all makes this Terex a highly efficient production machine with high material reduction ratios.

The features and general design of this crusher makes it ideal for mining applications. Much like the other crushers in the Terex C1540 range this Terex crusher has been built to be easy and cheap to maintain while managing to remain very energy efficient and maintaining a very high productivity rate that is only rivalled by the best in the market.

Needless to say if your company is looking for a top of the range cone crusher for sale you have to take a look at the options offered under the C1540 range. You will undoubtedly find something that suits your particular business needs at a good price.

Luckily, if you are looking at buying a Terex cone crusher you have a few options at your disposal. Truck & Trailer offers a range of equipment, making it the perfect place to find a crusher for sale in South Africa.

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