Relentless power of the IC Hyster Forklift range

Are you looking for a Hyster forklift for sale? The Hyster range offers you superior durability and fuel efficiency. When the going gets tough, a Hyster forklift won’t let you down. These forklifts boost efficiency while reducing operational expenses.

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They are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Material handling equipment, such as forklifts, is an excellent investment as these machines make lifting heavy loads easy. If you want to improve the productivity of your business, find a forklift for sale on Truck & Trailer.

The options you have with the Hyster Forklifts

When it comes to material handling equipment, forklifts make lifting heavy loads quick and easy. They are also used for moving materials from one location to another. Forklifts are useful across a range of settings including warehouses and construction sites. Manufacturing businesses can also benefit from owning a forklift. With so many different forklifts to choose from it is important to take the load capacity and lift height into consideration when choosing a forklift for your business.

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Image source: Hyster website

Models in the Hyster forklift range include the H2.0FT, H2.5FT, H3.0FT and H3.5FT. There are 2.6L, 3.0L and 3.3L diesel engines available in this range. Other options include 2.4L and 2.5L LPG engines. Not only are these models trustworthy, they also come with an innovative ECO-eLo Fuel Efficiency Mode which helps to reduce costs.

These forklifts have a choice of Electronic Powershift 1-speed, DuraMatch 1-speed or DuraMatch 2 2-speed transmissions. The load capacity of these forklifts ranges from 2000 to 3500. Lift heights for the models in this range range are 5815 or 6000. To learn everything you need to know about the Hyster forklift, read our blog.

Performance enhancing design

The design, features and specifications of the Hyster forklift range all contribute to its impressive performance. During high lifts the durable chassis and sturdy mast design provides maximum capacity retention as well as outstanding visibility.

While the ECO-eLo Fuel Efficiency Model conserves fuel by up to 20%, the performance of these machines is not compromised. Optional Load Sensing Hydraulics further decrease running costs while boosting efficiency. It is easy to control the powertrains with the Pacesetter VSM industrial computer. A highlight of this on-board computer is its CANbus communications network. Not only does the Pacesetter VSM offer exceptional convenience, it also functions to protect the powertrains.

hyster forklift crry capacity

Image source: Hyster website

With this system the operator can easily adjust the performance of the forklift according to the task at hand. The on-board computer provides the operator with easy access to important data. This information can be used to speed up diagnostics and decrease repair work which results in reduced downtime.

Transmission options include Electronic Powershift or DuraMatch. While Electronic Powershift comes standard, advanced models offer the DuraMatch transmission which reduces wear and tear on the brakes as well as the tires. Advantages of the DuraMatch 2 transmission on the Advance+ models is the extended Drawbar pull feature. Oil immersed breaks are available for the DuraMatch transmissions which decreases running costs and increases reliability. The Hyster Stability Mechanism improves stability without affecting the ability of these forklifts to operate on uneven surfaces.

The performance and specifications of the Hyster forklifts

Not only does the Hyster forklift range deliver a remarkable performance, the design of these machines supports the driver to make task completion easier. The operator compartment offers high levels of comfort and convenience. Outstanding visibility improves efficiency and safety. The ergonomic layout of the controls decreases driver fatigue.

operator seat of the hyster forklift

Image source: Hyster website

Reduced vibration and noise contribute to the high comfort levels that each Hyster forklift offers. The whole body vibration of these models is 0.6m/s2 while the noise levels are 79dB(A). Maintenance tasks can be completed quickly as the design of the machine offers easy access to its parts.

The durability of these models is enhanced by O-ring face seal fittings. Robust Hall-Effect sensors match the high quality of these forklifts. Advanced options allow you to customise your Hyster forklift according to the operations of your business. For an overview of the forklifts in this range, take a look at the table below.

TransmissionElectronic Powershift 1-speedElectronic Powershift 1-speedElectronic Powershift 1-speedElectronic Powershift 1-speed
Load Capacity2 0002 5003 0003 500
Load center500500500500
EngineYamnar 2.6L DieselYanmar2.6LYanmar2.6LYanmar 3.3L Diesel
Lift Capacity6 0006 0005 8155 815

With so many advantages to finding a Hyster forklift for sale, it is easy to see why these machines are an important asset to many businesses. The outstanding performance and robust design of the Hyster forklift offers you excellent value-for-money. Find the forklift for sale within your budget on Truck and Trailer.

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