Case IH 140 combine series: Boost your farm’s productivity this season

Increase the productivity of your farm with the new Case IH 140 Combine series. If you are looking for a durable and efficient Combine Harvester, the equipment in this series is an excellent choice. Not only does the Case Harvester have an impressive performance, it also offers outstanding operator comfort. If you are looking for a Combine Harvester for sale, keep reading to find out more.


While you can find farming equipment for sale on Truck and Trailer, you can also visit our specialised site AgriMag for all your farming equipment needs.

Case IH in the Industry

With over 170 years of experience, Case IH has established a reputation for excellence. Their expertise in the industry combined with cutting-edge technology enables them to produce high performance equipment. Input from customers ensures that the latest designs meet the needs of the current market. The company also manufactures tractors and balers. Their products are supported by an international network of dealers who are committed to outstanding customer service.



Images Credits: Case IH

The advantage of the 140 series is that they reduce crop losses with their superior threshing and cleaning systems. Another benefit to finding this farming equipment for sale is that its parts are durable which decreases expenditure on maintenance.

The latest Combine Harvesters for sale from Case

The latest Case IH Axial-Flow Series offers an overall improvement from the previous models. With better specs, comfort and durability, the equipment in this series is impressive. If you are looking for a Combine Harvester for sale, you can choose between an extensive range of equipment in the 2016 line-up. One option is the 5140 Cross Flow which has a FPT 6.7 litre Stage IV engine which delivers 312 hp of power. With its 8.7 litre FPT Stage IV engine the 6140 Cross Flow model delivers 400 hp of power. The 7140 Cross Flow model has a 8.7 litre Stage IV engine which offers 449 hp of power.

The larger six auger bed offers better efficiency. Another advantage of the Case IH series models is the automatic side-hill compensation system which provides maximum grain flow. The automatic cleaning system is another benefit of finding a Case Combine Harvester for sale. It switches on automatically when it is required, without the input of the operator. This cleaning system contributes to the great performance of this series. The 6140 and 7140 have a grain tank with a capacity of 10 570 litres. The capacity of the grain tank and clean grain auger contributes to the high performance that can be found in this series. This is particularly relevant in difficult hillside conditions.


Efficient straw management is essential to ensure maximum productivity of the next crop. Numerous improvements to the Case IH series offer increased straw quality. The specs of these models enable the Combine Harvesters to offer maximum efficiency when it comes to spreading and swathing. The operator can switch from chop to spread without leaving the cab. Another option is to use the switches which are located on the right of the Combine.


The F-type dampened tracks offer greater comfort as well as decreased soil compaction. The tracks also support larger headers as well as offering safer road transportation. These tracks, which are mounted by Zuidberg, have 610mm and 762mm options.

The latest 2016 models in this series offer great improvement in comfort and ease of operation. Seed growers and contractors in particular will benefit from the improved cleaning system. The Combines in this series are faster and easier to handle while it is also more convenient to change between concaves. Feeder enhancements in the design of the Case IH series ensure further improvement. Not only does this provide farmers with an outstanding performance, it also reduces maintenance costs. The yield sensor offers improved accuracy. The press-one function also contributes to improved productivity as it opens and shuts the grain tanks. The design of the Side Shieling saves time as there is no need to remove separate covers when you want to use the Combine Harvester. The perforated chopper floor increases the separation area which is useful in challenging conditions. The cab has two seat options which provide the operator with improved comfort especially in difficult conditions.

Now that you know more about the benefits of owning this equipment, you can browse not only Truck and Trailer but our specialised farming equipment site AgriMag to find a Combine Harvester for sale. With its increased productivity and decreased maintenance costs, adding a Case IH Combine Harvester to your business is a wise decision. These models are designed to boost your income while reducing your expenditure. The minimal grain loss while operating these Combine Harvesters also adds to their appeal.


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