Powerful Komatsu D155AX-6 Crawler Dozer

If you are in the market for a high performing bulldozer for sale that offers fuel economy and easy maintenance, the Komatsu D155 AX-6 might just be the answer. With outstanding features and a range of optional Komatsu equipment available, this dozer is most definitely one that stands out among its peers.

d155ax-6 komatsu dozer

Image Source: Komatsu South Africa Website.

Fuel efficiency and productivity of the D155 Komatsu Dozer

Making use of SIGMADOZER and combined with an automatic transmission equipped with a lockup torque converter, this Komatsu dozer for sale is not only capable of achieving high productivity rates, but do so with a fuel economy that truly stands out.

SIGMADOZER is based on new digging theory that helps to both increase productivity as well as the performance of the Komatsu bulldozer. The implementation of this new digging theory can be seen with the new frontal design. This design enables the digging and rolling up of material at the centre of the blade.

This increases the bulldozer’s holding capacity for soil, reduces the spillage of soil at the sides of the dozing blade and aids in reducing the resistance that occurs from digging. All of this in turn allows this bulldozer for sale to doze larger amounts of soil needing less power to do so.

komatsu bulldozer

Image Source: Komatsu South Africa Website / Model Brochure.

This Komatsu dozer also allows for an automatic or manual gearshift mode. These modes are easily selectable, the manual gearshift mode designed for ripping and dozing rough ground and terrain, while the automatic gearshift mode is ideal for general dozing applications and needs.

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Komatsu D155 AX-6 cab interior, easy maintenance and operation

Like seen with a great deal of Komatsu equipment and machinery, the cab interior has most definitely not been neglected. The damper mounting of the cab ensures vibration and shock absorption, softening these vibrations and shocks when working in rough and trying terrain.

With the reduction of the ripper cylinders, visibility has also been increased in this Komatsu bulldozer. The LCD colour monitor allows for user-friendly operation, the TFT liquid crystal display making reading the monitor easier from various angles.

The interior of the Komatsu D155 is also home to the PCCS – Palm Command Control System. This system allows for electronic travel control, electronic blade and ripper control and a fuel control dial, to name but a few functionalities.

komatsu d155 bulldozer

In terms of maintenance, you can rely on the troubleshooting functions of Multi-Monitor, allowing you to prevent critical problems. With needed gauges, meters and functionality, abnormalities are easily detected.

Other ease of maintenance features on these dozers include the gull-wing engine covers, oil pressure checking ports that are centrally placed for easy access and an easy radiator cleaning process enabled by reversible hydraulic fan.

Notable features in terms of easy and cost-effective maintenance includes the modular powertrain, enclosed hydraulic piping, sealed DT connectors, wet disc brakes and a high-rigidity and simple hull frame.

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Specifications of the Komatsu D115 AX-6 Dozer

In terms of standard equipment for this Komatsu dozer, you can expect everything from a Hydrostatic Steering System (HSS), dozer hydraulics and that colour monitor, to the palm lever steering control which is in charge of all directional movements, a lighting system and a double element air cleaner, to name but a few examples.

The standard ROPS cab is an all-weather enclosed pressurised cab that meets various ISO and SAE standards. Optional extras available for this crawler dozer include, among others, a variable multi-shank ripper, a variable giant ripper, a rear view monitoring system and air conditioning.

The table below displays some of the specifications of the D155 crawler bulldozer for sale:

Engine Model and TypeKomatsu SAA6D140E-5, 4 cycle, direct injection, water cooled engine
Piston Displacement15.24 litres
Bore and Stroke140 mm x 165 mm
SAE J1995 Power / Horsepower268 kW / 360 HP @ 1 900 rpm
ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 Power / Horsepower264 kW / 354 HP @ 1 900 rpm
Tractor Weight31 000 kilogrammes
Operating Weight39 500 kilogrammes
Number of Shoes on each side42
Number of track rollers on each side7
Number of carrier rollers on each side2
Standard and Maximum Shoe Width560 mm / 710 mm
Grouser Height80 mm

Last, but certainly not least, this Komatsu dozer for sale also offers blade tilt lines that are completely protected, a K-Bogie undercarriage system that allows for an improved traction and operator comfort, an increased track length that adds to the stability of the dozer, and an automatically controlled hydraulic drive radiator cooling fan that is low on noise levels and high on fuel reduction.

Now that you know all about the Komatsu D155 AX-6, it’s time to find a dozer that will meet your every need. Browse through the deals listed on Truck & Trailer now and find a bulldozer for sale that can meet the high and strenuous demands of your operations.

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