Scam Alert: New Scam targeting Truck & Trailer Users

In our age of online buying, cybercrime has become a part of our daily lives. Internet scams affect everyone and, unfortunately, Truck and Trailer is no different.

It has come to our attention that a fraudster is targeting Truck and Trailer users, and we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about these scams and give you a couple of fraud prevention tips that will help to keep you safe.


How the latest scams that target Truck and Trailer works

Interested buyers on Truck and Trailer will try and get a hold of the advertiser – in many cases because the item is advertised for such a low price. Trying the number listed and, eventually opting for the ‘Email Dealer’ option, the interested buyer will finally get a reply from the advertiser via email.

When asked why he or she is not available via telephone, the advertiser comes up with a plausible excuse, saying that he or she is out of the country at the moment and cannot use their cell phone.

After communicating via email, the advertiser will ask the interested party to pay a deposit for the advertised item into an account. After paying the deposit, the advertiser either disappears or ask for more money before the item can be released to the buyer.


Recently, these online scams involved the advertiser informing the interested buyer that Truck and Trailer will be facilitating the buy, even going as far as to claim that they are Truck and Trailer representatives. A fraudulent invoice is issued to the buyer supposedly from Truck and Trailer, requiring a deposit to be paid.

This is, however, a scam.


First off, we would like our users to know that Truck and Trailer is in no way involved in the buying and selling of products and items. Truck and Trailer is an online platform where sellers can advertise their trucks and machinery, and will therefore never be involved in the buying and or selling of products listed on its site.

Truck and Trailer is a platform where serious buyers can meet sellers.


Asking for a deposit before you have viewed the product you are interested in, is also a big red flag when it comes to internet scams of this nature. A serious seller will not require a deposit in any shape, way or form before you have viewed the product and have satisfied any of the doubts you might have.

Note that the invoice you will receive from the ‘seller’ will look extremely professional, but be vigilant for small details like spelling, website addresses, physical addresses and VAT numbers.

If you are doubtful about any advertiser you might be in contact with, please feel free to contact the Truck and Trailer team directly:

011 912 6500

How these scams are being handled

The majority of these scams are caught by our team of dedicated moderators. Unfortunately, some do slip through the cracks. The incidents have been reported to the South Africa Police Department and our team is co-operating in every way they can.

Ads are placed at an extremely fast rate, using different contact details, but our team of moderators are catching most of these as they pass through the moderation processes.


If you come across a suspicious ad, you can send an email to our team of moderators at If you would like to report a scam, please feel free to contact Junk Mail Customer Care on 012 432 2295 or via email at

Top Scam Tips for Fraud Prevention

Because so many of us fall prey to cybercrime, we would like to give you a couple of helpful tips and hints to protect you online. Remember, these tips are not only applicable to the latest scams on Truck and Trailer, but other online scams as well.


Be on the lookout

Always be cautious of items that are too inexpensive. Most sellers will not advertise their items for a price that is well under its market value. If the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Many sellers might also have the need to satisfy their curiosity, asking the advertiser why the product is priced so low. The reasons given here vary, ranging to include that the advertiser is widow or widower, playing on your emotions.


A lot of these internet scams require that you pay a deposit (or even the full price) before you have even seen the item. Never make any payment to anyone (not even sellers posing under the name of Truck and Trailer) before you have seen the item and you are 100% happy with it.

When you are making payments, avoid making those payments to E-Bay Ads or Western Union accounts. In our experience, payments to these types of accounts and platforms are likely to be scams.

Practice Caution

Always look at adverts and emails under a magnifying glass. Be on the lookout for spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Even an unprofessional email address can be a tell-tale signs of scams.

If you are invoiced, requesting that a deposit be paid, double check everything – from spelling all the way to the finer details like physical address, website and VAT number. Remember, Truck and Trailer will never request a payment from you. A serious seller will also not require a deposit to be paid before you have seen the item for yourself.

Remember, if you are suspicious about any advertiser or ad you find on Truck and Trailer, please feel free to contact us immediately. Whether you are already conversing with a suspicious seller, or find a suspicious ad, our team would like to know about it.

Be assured, our team does its very best to deal with internet scams. You can keep up- to-date with the latest scams affecting Truck and Trailer on our Scams Page.

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Annabel Schoeman

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  1. Tommy says:

    I bought 5 trailers from Comanche Trailers in September last year. The first 3 have been delivered within a week. I then was informed that the remaining trailers were reade for delivery and I paid the invoices in full. After numerous phone calls, e-mails and threats, I received the fourth trailer during February 2016. Now, after a year I still have not received my last trailer although I paid for it in full About two weeks ago I phoned the trailer builder (who is still advertising on Gumtree) and demanded my money back. He paid me R2 300 with a promise to pay me the rest in 3 payments. I am still waiting! I heard about numerous people who have the same complaint. I don’t know what to do anymore.

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