How to operate a Skid Steer

A Skid Steer is a dynamic machine which has many uses. When it comes to finding a Skid Steer for sale South Africa has a wide range of models available. A Bobcat skid steer is a popular option. Buy a Skid Steer on Truck and Trailer.


When it comes to finding a Skid Steer for sale, there are plenty of ways that these machines can increase the efficiency of your business. Find out more about owning a Skid Steer Loader before you decide which model to buy.


What is a Skid Steer?

A Skid Steer has a compact and rigid frame with lift arms that can be used for attachments. The machine is powered by a motor and it functions as an excellent labour saving device. Generally Skid Steers have four wheels. It has no independent steering mechanism so the machine is turned by skidding. Contemporary models have enclosed cabs and safety features.


What is a skid steer used for?

Skid Steers can be used to push materials from one destination to another. The machines can be used to transport goods in its bucket or load items onto a truck. In some instances a Skid Loader can be used instead of a big Excavator. The driver can use the machine to dig a ramp which then functions as a route to take dirt out of the hole. This is a useful method of digging holes where there is not enough room for a big excavator to operate. Backhoe attachments can be used to dig in small spaces.


Typically Skid Loaders come with a bucket which can be replaced by useful attachments depending on what you want to use the machine for. The attachments are generally operated by the machine’s hydraulic system. Options include a backhoe, roller and cement mixer. Models are available with a setting that enables the driver to change attachments without leaving the cab. This convenient feature allows the driver to make adjustments according to the terrain and work that needs to be done.

How is a Skid Steer operated?

When you are learning to operate a Skid Loader, make sure that you have a clear area to practice in without any obstacles. The machine is fast when it turns and can tip over. Once you have found the right spot you can climb into the cab and take a look at the controls. It is important to note that you will have no visibility at the back of the machine. Usually there are two steering handles on each arm rest. Control buttons will function to operate the attachments to the machine. Safety features in these machines include seatbelts and a rollover bar. Make sure that you fasten the seatbelt before you operate the machine. Usually the machine can be started using a key or a starter button. Once you have started the Skid Loader you can use the throttle handle to operate it. You will need to unlock the controls before you can operate the attachments. It is advisable to wear hearing protection when you are operating the machine. It can also be helpful to have someone on the ground helping you to look out for potential hazards while you are learning to operate the Skid Steer. Don’t operate the machine on steep hills or on lose ground.

What Skid Steer brands and top models are currently for sale in South Africa?

The version of Skid Steer that you own will vary according to the brand. Popular brands include Caterpillar, Bobcat, JCB and Case. Another option is Komatsu.


What is currently available on Truck and Trailer?

When it comes to finding a Skid Steer for sale there are great deals available on Truck and Trailer. Here are some fantastic options:

Komatsu SK714 Skid Steer

A Komatsu SK714 2006 model is for sale. It has 7500 hours and is in excellent condition. This model is priced at R150 000.


Please click on the image to see the full advert

JC35 Skid Steer

Truck and Trailer also features A JC35 Skid Steer for sale. This model has an engine power of 35 hp. It weighs 2200 kgs with a Hydraulic pump flow of 40L/min. It has a rated capacity of 500 kgs. This 2014 model is priced at R243 250.


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DCASE 40T Skid Steer

You can find a CASE 40T on Truck and Trailer. This model is in excellent condition. It is priced at R145 000.


Please click on the image to see the full advert

Owning a Skid Steer can increase the efficiency of your business. With so many uses for a Skid Steer it is easy to see why they make up part of the equipment in many companies. Looking for a skid steer for sale? Why not browse through Truck and Trailer’s collection of heavy machinery – from a skid steer loader to a bobcat skid steer, you’ll find it on!

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Bruce Ungersbock

Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

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