Scania Trucks: P Series trucks engineered for economy and speed

Thinking of finding Scania trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer? Scania offers you a wide range of durable trucks to choose from, the Scania P Series being no different. You can improve the productivity and efficiency of your business by adding one of these trucks to your fleet.

scania trucks

Image Source: Scania South Africa Website.

The Scania brand

Scania is committed to helping your business achieve sustainable profit growth through improving fuel economy while decreasing emissions. Scania offers industry specific applications.

Their transportation solutions can be customised to meet the needs of your business. Another benefit to finding Scania trucks is that they play a role in the smooth operations of your business.

Overview of the Scania P Series

Scania P series trucks have a lightweight design. These trucks offer outstanding manoeuvrability as well as great economy. While Scania P series models are well-suited to distribution in the city and regionally, they are also durable enough to handle off-road conditions. High-torque engines make stop-start driving easier and more efficient.

scania trucks for sale

Image Source: Scania South Africa Website.

Cab options for the P Series of Scania Trucks

Scania trucks boast comfortable and versatile cabs. P Series trucks are designed with a focus on safety which means that you can rest easy knowing that your driver and products are in good hands while on the road.

The cab design offers increased control, convenient access and outstanding visibility. Low noise in these cabs contributes to the creation of a comfortable and productive work environment. The spacious design of the cab further contributes to driver comfort. Not only are these cabs designed for comfort, they also offer maximum efficiency.

The compact cab size and lightweight design offered by the Scania P Series increase the load-space. Whether it is for short trips or long distance travelling, the P-series offer a productive work environment. Their ergonomical cab design and storage facilities mean that everything is exactly where your driver needs it.

scania p series cab interior

Image Source: Scania South Africa Website.

The wide range of cab options available for the Scania P Series trucks means that you can customise the cab to suit your needs. The cabs have been through comprehensive safety testing. They have also been modified according to driver feedback.

  • The P-short-low cab has a low roof which offers improved load capacity. The P-Day-Low has the capability to carry overhead loads.
  • The P-Sleeper-Low is a sleeper cab with low roofs for carrying overhead loads. The P-Sleeper Normal is a truck with a comfort sleeper. This option is well-suited to shorter travel distances.
  • The P-Sleeper-Highline provides outstanding comfort over shorter travel distances. Special cabs include the P-Low-Entry which offers maximum accessibility.
  • The P-Crewcab offers room for six crew members while the P-Crewcab Longs has place for 8 people.

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Performance and specifications of the P Series Scania Trucks

With a wide range of engine options to choose from you can be guaranteed a performance that is economical and reliable. The Scania Euro 6 engines offer performances that matches international standards. These engines have the approval to run on 100% HVO and selected models can run on 100% biodiesel.

scania p series trucks

Image Source: Scania South Africa Website.

Hybrid and biogas engines are also available for these trucks. When opting for Scania trucks for sale, bioethanol engines are another option. Engine options include Euro 6, EEV, Euro 5, Euro 4 and Euro 3.

Scania trucks are available with EGR and SCR emission technology. The extensive rage of gearboxes make it easy to pick an option which matches your transportation needs. Take a look at the following table to get an overview of some of the engine configurations which are available in the P-series.

9 L Euro 613 L Euro 69 L EEV13 L EEV9 L Euro 5
Torque (Nm)12501950120021001150
Output (hp)250370270400250
Engine PTO (Nm)600600600600600
Accessories and extras for Scania Trucks

With plenty of accessories to choose from you can customise your Scania trucks to meet the requirements of your business. A wide selection of accessories allows you to maximise the comfort, safety and efficiency of your truck.

You can add Griffen, non-driving axles to your Scania truck and Griffen driving axles are also available. Wheel nut caps offer extra protection as well as adding to the sleek appearance of the truck. Griffen door badges complement the trucks bold design.

p series scania trucks for sale

Image Source: Scania South Africa Website.

Now that you know more about these high performance trucks available from Scania, you can find Scania trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer. Whether it is for urban or regional distribution, Scania trucks provide excellent transportation solutions. Download the Truck & Trailer Android App today!

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