Here’s why you need to buy a sprayer for your crops

Are you looking for boom sprayers for sale? Agricultural sprayers make applying pesticides cost effective and easy. You can discover the advantages of investing in a boom sprayer by reading our blog. You can find sprayers for sale on AgriMag.

Advantages of using boom sprayers

Sprayers are an essential piece of agricultural equipment that is necessary to disperse liquid. They can be used to distribute herbicides and pesticides as well as fertilisers. With a range of different types of sprayers for sale, it’s easy to find one that meets your requirements. You can opt for a sprayer that can be attached to a tractor or a self-propelled boom sprayer.

sprayers for sale agriculture crops

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When you’re distributing pesticides, it’s important to achieve a consistent and accurate application. Applying too much spray increases operating costs while insufficient spray can reduce your crop yield. Agricultural sprayers play a vital role in the productivity of your farm as well as reducing unnecessary expenses. Ultimately, finding boom sprayers for sale and purchasing one contributes to higher profits.

How to select agricultural sprayers

The size of the area that you need to spray will influence the type of equipment that you buy. Your budget will also influence your purchase. You’ll need a sprayer tank that is large enough to accommodate the amount of pesticides you’ll be using. It’s important to select a sprayer with a tank that’s convenient to fill and service. Another defining factor of sprayers is their pumps and application nozzles.

sprayers for sale crop agriculture

Different types of sprayers for sale

Handheld sprayers are designed for applications on smaller areas as they can only accommodate one or two gallons of pesticides. Their pump is situated at the top of the tank. An advantage of these sprayers is that they are lightweight.

Backpack sprayers are slightly larger and their tanks provide space for up to 4 gallons of pesticides. These sprayers are easy to operate and are designed to be placed on the back of the operator.
Agricultural sprayers include pull-behind variations that are attached to a tractor. This boom sprayer has multiple nozzles to apply pesticides, and it’s suitable for larger areas. A mechanical pump is used and the flow of the spray can be adjusted with a control.

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Arial sprayers are suitable for multiple acres as they can cover large areas effortlessly. An aerial applicator is equipped with tanks, booms, and nozzles to spray pesticides over fields. These sprayers typically operate with a mechanical pump that obtains power from the electrical system of the plane. The flow of the spray can be adjusted using a remote control.

Self-propelled agricultural sprayers are equipped with an engine as well as a tank, boom, and nozzles. These sprayers are a convenient option as they offer you everything that you need to distribute pesticides quickly and efficiently. These sprayers operate with a mechanical pump. When it comes to buying a boom sprayer, you can choose between wet and dry variations.

Now that you know more about the benefits of owning this equipment, you can find sprayers for sale online.

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