Durable and strong CAT 725C articulated dump truck

The new CAT 725C is a strong and durable articulated dump truck built to be structurally rigid and to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. If you are in the market for a tough and durable articulated dump truck for sale, opting for CAT might be the right choice for your operations.

the 725c cat side view

Image source: CAT website

Overview of the CAT 725C

You can tell just by looking at the truck’s exterior that this is a vehicle that can withstand nearly anything. The CAT dump truck can be likened to a very well built rugby player. It is physically intimidating and has the raw physical power to deliver real results to any construction company or any industry requiring the services of an articulated truck.

This CAT articulated dump truck is powered by a C9.3 ACERT engine that amazingly is very fuel efficient and has been built as a low carbon emission solution to construction.

For all of its amazingness it is rather shocking that you can find a CAT articulated dump truck for sale for a relatively affordable price.

cat adt at work

Image source: CAT website

New features of the 725C CAT ADT

The new CAT comes built with a number of notable new features that only serve to add to the truck’s already impressive track record. With the CAT ADT you can expect a machine ground speed limiting function. This is generally done in order to protect the vehicle and generally make driving the truck a safer experience.

You will be interested to know that this articulated dump truck from CAT also comes built with a diesel exhaust fluid tank. You will also find other new interesting features such as:

  • advanced productivity electronic control strategy
  • the internal cab grab handles
  • improved storage space
  • a park brake switch guard
  • optional external roof level work lights
  • a color multi-purpose display
  • machine width position lamps
  • increased body capacity
  • a large fuel tank, and
  • a Machine Security System ready interior

All these features make the CAT ADT for sale a very advanced truck, more advanced than its predecessors. You will find yourself playing around with these new features as soon as you get the truck because it is just a very interesting vehicle built with amazing simplicity. Even self-identifying luddites will find this truck’s technology easy to use.

CAT 725C Engine and Transmission

The vehicle’s engine is amazing. This is without a doubt an evolutionary system with breakthrough technology that has been built on an already reliable CAT dump truck system. The truck comes built with a CAT Clean Emissions Module, or CEM in short. In a nutshell this is an exhaust system consisting of a diesel particulate filter, a selective catalytic reduction catalyst and a control system.

Together this entire system ensures that this articulated dump truck delivers a lot of power and performance while keeping its emission as low as possible using passive and active regeneration and making the system very durable. This added durability ensures that you will have a truck that will not need to be serviced as regularly as other trucks in its category.

cat 725c front view

Image Source: CAT website

The engine also comes built with a diesel particulate filter regeneration system. This system connects the Diesel Particulate Filter to the CAT Regeneration System. Once these two systems are connected the end result is the trapping and removal of particulates and ash.

Another important feature of the CAT ADT that has been added is the modes of regeneration function. If you choose the automatic option with these modes, regeneration will start without the driver having to engage the regeneration function.

With the manual option on the other hand, regeneration will be initiated by simply pressing down the regeneration switch for about five seconds. This simple act will turn the regeneration machine on and start the regeneration process.

When it comes to the transmission of this CAT dump truck, the electronic transmission system is built to deliver a smooth shifting high acceleration system capable of delivering the high productivity. A few features of note have been built into the transmission system.

These CAT 725C features include:

– a critical gearshift that allows the operator to maintain the truck’s ground speed during shifts on grades, and
– a transmission that automatically modifies its shift points to best suit the conditions in which the truck is operating in.

The transmission retarder comes with high power density design. Even though the retarder is compact in its size, the unit can fill up very quickly with oil which in turn makes the unit provide more retarding power and faster responding times.

CAT 725C Cab Interior

The cab of the CAT 725C articulated dump truck offers comfort and space. The spacious two person cab provides enough comfort and working space for the driver and the passenger to operate the truck as efficiently as possible. The seats have also been enhanced with an air suspension that lets you adjust the seat to make it optimal for your driving position.

cat 725c adt cabin

Image Source: CAT website

You will find the dashboard’s layout very easy to use and simple to operate. The dashboard’s controls are all located in a central position with LED illumination to make the controls visible during all times of the day.

Structure, serviceability, safety and specifications

Structurally, the CAT articulated dump truck is built to be a very reliable vehicle. The front and rear frame have been built to ensure that the truck has a very low weight while ensuring that the truck has a very long service life. The suspension is strong enough to ensure that it can absorb as much impact as possible.

Engine ModelCAT C9.3 ACERT
Gross Power
SAE J1995
239 kW
Net Power
SAE J1349
234 kW
Net Power
ISO 14396
236 kW
Bore X Stroke115 mm x 149 mm
Displacement9.3 litres
No Engine De-rating Required below2 560 metres
Peak Engine Torque Gross1729 Nm
Peak Engine Torque Speed1200 rpm
Rated Payload23.6 tonnes

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