John Deere Planters: Developed for increased productivity

If you want to take your farm production to the next level, find quality planters for sale. A row planter is an excellent piece of farming equipment. John Deere planters can help to make your farm operations safer, faster and more efficient. If you want to learn more about planters, here is useful information about this farming equipment.


Image Source: John Deere Website.

What are Planters?

A planter is a useful piece of farming equipment which is used to sow seeds. Tractors are used to tow farm planters. A hitch or a draw-bar is used to attach the planter to the tractor.

The advantages of using planters are that they can increase the productivity of your farm and reduce costs. Another benefit is that they increase the precision of planting. This equipment distributes seeds into rows which are evenly spaced.


The smallest size is a single row model while large planters can offer up to 48 rows. The distance between each row also differs between models. Less expensive and older models have a side marker which enables the operator to line up the rows.

Modern models are fitted with GPS navigation as well as auto-steer functions. Advanced models have computer systems which offer accurate positioning as well as intelligent functions. Planters typically have a big bin which stores the seeds before they are distributed.

John Deere Planters

John Deere was founded in 1837 and the company has developed an international reputation for excellence. Their experience in the industry combined with state-of-the-art technology allows the company to offer farmers top quality equipment. With an emphasis on commitment and innovation John Deere caters to the local market. When it comes to John Deere planters the 1775 model is an excellent choice.

The 1775 John Deere Planters

Features of the 1775 Front-Fold Planter include its available SeedStar2 monitoring system. With the price of seeds on the rise it is important to make sure that seeds are planted in the conditions that are most conducive to their growth. Combined with a colour display this system offers guidance and coverage maps. Planters for sale from this range of models also allow you to access field documentation on the full-feature display. The benefit of this state-of-the-art monitoring system is that it makes all your essential planting information easy to access.


Image Source: John Deere South Africa Website.

With the SeedStar2 you can monitor row spacing, row failure and fertiliser pressure. You can also access information about the vacuum level and tractor speed.

Another advantage to owning one of the 1775 model planters is its seed variable-rate drive which functions to boost the productivity of your farm. A hydraulic motor is used to rotate the seedling drive shaft. This feature allows the operator to adjust seedling rates easily.

The VRD has numerous benefits including fast rate changes and increased operator safety. It also allows the operator to adjust the seed population according to soil and irrigation factors. The half-width drive disconnect is a highlight of the 1775. This feature plays a role in reducing seed costs by giving the operator better control over seed placement. With less seed overlapping less money is wasted.


Image Source: John Deere South Africa Website.

The operator can also switch off part of the planter to finish off rows. The central insecticide system combined with Force CS offers better efficiency. It offers the operator both convenience and accuracy.

Safety is an important consideration when looking for planters for sale. Protective features help to keep both the operator and machinery safe. When considering safety it is important to note that machinery should be properly maintained to ensure that it is safe and efficient to use.

The 1755 model has reflective tape and warning lamps. The slow-moving vehicle signs and tail lamps are other safety features of these models. These are important when the planter is being transported on roads.


Image Source: John Deere Website.

Drawn planters have hitch safety chains as protection for the operator. Drawbar hitch pins combined with a retention pins offer additional protection.

If you are looking for tiptop farm planters, take a look at an overview of the John Deere 1755 Flex.

Specifications of the John Deere 1755 Flex Planter

Row Spacing (cm)76
2-section frame flexes20° up, 30° down
MaxEmerge™ 5 row unit1.6-bu, 3-bu

With so many advantages to finding planters it easy to see why farmers across the globe choose to add this valuable equipment to their business. Why not increase your yield by finding planters for sale on our dedicated farm equipment site,

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