SAMIL Trucks: Trucks built for extreme conditions

If you are looking for tough and reliable trucks for sale, you might want to consider the range of SAMIL trucks available in South Africa. Known for their combat serving days, SAMIL trucks for sale are rugged, heavy-duty trucks built to work, endure and conquer.


Image Source: SAMIL Website.

Today, the team here at Truck and Trailer wanted to take a closer look at the SAMIL brand – more specifically the SAMIL 20 and the SAMIL 50 – exploring what these heavy-duty beasts are all about.

SAMIL Trucks in South Africa

Produced by Black & White Truck Manufacturing, SAMIL trucks have been used by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) for quite some time now. Proving to be both tough and reliable, trucks produced under this name are equipped to deal with the rugged African terrain, delivering heavy-duty trucks that are truly versatile and capable of getting the job done.


Image Source: SAMIL Website.

SAMIL has become a name synonymous with reliability, resulting in commercial vehicles that are used in various sectors that range to include forestry, mining, construction and even tourism. With 4×4 and 6×6 trucks based on the German MAGIRUS trucks, Black & White Truck Manufacturing is also a leading supplier of IVECO, SAMAG, SAKOM and MAGIRUS trucks.

Spares are independently supplied by Black & White Truck Spares – a company that specialises in the spares of a number of trucks including IVECO, SAMIL and SAKOM trucks, as well as Deutz engine spares.

Repairs are handled by Black & White Truck Repairs. This company delivers excellent services from their professional workshop.


Image Source: SAMIL Website.

Remanufacturing is done by stripping the trucks down to just its chassis. From here, the professionals at Black & White Truck Manufacturing start rebuilding the truck making use of reconditioned and new components and parts. From reconditioning everything from the axles and gearbox, to fitting a rebuilt cab and upholstery, these trucks are then put through a 500 kilometre test programme.

After the trucks have passed, all the necessary documentation – from roadworthy certifications to NATIS documentation – are completed.

The 4×4 SAMIL 20 Trucks

Proven to be reliable and tough even under combat conditions, these SAMIL trucks for sale are all-wheel 4×4 trucks capable of a two ton off-road payload. Featuring a short wheelbase and boasting a ground clearance of 460 millimetres, these rugged monsters are used in various industries including in Military and Security Sectors (as an armoured personnel carrier), in the Tourism sector (for game viewing applications) and in the Construction and Mining Industries.


Image Source: SAMIL Website.

These trucks for sale features diff locks on both axles as well as the transfer box, and reaches a maximum speed of 85 kilometres per hour. With a range of ± 800 kilometres on paved roads, the SAMIL 20 for sale is perfect if you are looking for a versatile and robust truck.

The SAMIL 20 comes with power assisted steering, a ZF S5-35 five speed synchromesh gearbox and an air cooled, Deutz F6L 913 (six in-line) gearbox. It has leaf spring suspension and the truck has interchangeable load bodies. These load bodies are attached using container locks, meaning that owners are capable of using their SAMIL trucks in multiple applications.

4×4 SAMIL 50 Trucks

The SAMIL 50 for sale is a versatile and rugged workhorse that will not let you down. Also known by its alternate name of the Margirus Deutz 192D12 AL, these trucks are permanent four wheel drive monsters capable of a 5 ton off-road payload.


Image Source: SAMIL Website.

Like the SAMIL 20 for sale, the SAMIL 50 has been proven under combat conditions, promising a 4×4 truck that can be used in a range of industries. Used in both Eastern and Southern Africa, this model flaunts a ground clearance of 355 millimetres and reaches a maximum speed of 85 kilometres per hour.

These trucks are heavy-duty monsters equipped with a Deutz F6L 413F (V6) air cooled engine and a six speed ZF S6-65 synchromesh gearbox. It has a two speed ZF Z65 transfer box with diff lock on the rear axle, a leaf spring suspension and power assisted steering.


Image Source: SAMIL Website.

Multipurpose in every way of the word, these trucks for sale are used throughout a range of industries including forestry, the Military, off-road transport, mining and construction, to name but a few examples. Some of the most common load body configurations fitted to this model truck include drop side and tippers, tankers, personnel carriers and even drop side load bodies with a crane.

The SAMIL 20 vs the SAMIL 50

Looking at both the 20 and 50 SAMIL trucks for sale, you will find that both models are permanent four wheel drive trucks that are manufactured to endure and defeat the rough African terrain. While both models are equipped with Diff Locks on its transfer boxes, the SAMIL 20 has a Diff Lock on both the front and rear axle, while the SAMIL 50 has a Diff Lock on the rear axle.

Some of the key differences between these two SAMIL trucks can be seen in the data table below:

Comparing the SAMIL 20 and the SAMIL 50

SAMIL 20 TrucksSAMIL 50 Trucks
Payload± 3 000 kilogrammes± 6 000 kilogrammes
Off Road Payload2 Ton5 Ton
Ground Clearance460 millimetres355 millimetres
Maximum Speed85 km/h85 km/h
Turning Circle13.2 metres23.0 metres
Maximum Gradient (forward)60˚60˚
Range on paved road± 800 kilometres± 1 200 kilometres

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