The F-Series Volvo Dumpers are leading the way

From muddy terrain to dusty roads, Volvo dumpers for sale on Truck and Trailer make for a great solution to the construction industry. Today we look at the Volvo A25F and Volvo A30F, highlighting some features and specifications.

Inventing the very first articulated transporter in 1966, Volvo Construction Equipment is a prestigious and reliable name when it comes to quality construction equipment. The F-Series of Volvo dumpers is no different.

volvo dumpers for sale

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website / Product Brochure.

If you are in the market for dumpers for sale on Truck & Trailer, the F-Series from Volvo might be the ideal solution.

Features of the F-Series Volvo Dumpers

Consisting of the Volvo A25F and the Volvo A30F, the F-Series dumpers are equipped with 6 cylinder, straight turbo charged diesel engines. With four valves per cylinder, these engines are powerful, fuel efficient and low on emissions. Other features of these Volvo engines include electronically controlled unit injectors and overhead camshafts.

High torque at low rpms, this engine also features:

  • Two-stage incoming air filtration.
  • Replaceable valve guides.
  • Replaceable valve seats.
  • Wet replaceable cylinder liners.

In terms of transmission, you can look forward to a Volvo PowerTronic planetary automatic transmission with two reverse gears and six forward gears.

Wet Brakes

Industry leading braking performance is guaranteed with oil-cooled, wet, multiple disc brakes on all three axles. Offering durability and low maintenance costs, the retardation systems allows for control in downhill hauling speeds making use of the Volvo Engine Brake (VEB) and wheel brakes.

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Differential Lock and Automatic Traction Control (ATC)

Offering differential lock in both 6×6 and 6×4 drivetrains, Volvo Dumpers feature ATC which automatically activates differential locks, selecting the optimal combination based on the terrain it is driving on.

An added benefit of ATC is that it not only offers the best possible traction for the situation, but also reduces fuel consumption as well as wear on the tyres.

volvo a30f

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Durable Body Frames

Equipped with hydro mechanical steering and a maintenance free rotating hitch (thanks to permanently greased tapered roller bearings) these Volvo dumpers for sale also boast rigid, heavy duty rear and front frames. Making use of robotic welding to ensure that only the best quality leaves the floor, these body frames were designed to tackle off road conditions.

With a free rotating hitch design, the articulation and oscillation joint between the trailer and tractor not only boasts Volvo’s hydro-mechanical steering but also offers a high ground clearance.

Tech in the Volvo Dumpers – CareTrack, Contronics and MATRIS

CareTrack, Volvo’s telematics system, is a standard feature in these dumpers for sale. This feature provides information concerning everything from fuel consumption reports to service reminders.

Contronics is responsible for providing information to the dumper’s operation and systems. Data and diagnostics are relayed to the operator via a colour monitor. Along with the keypad provided in the cabs of the Volvo dumpers, the operator is able to easily navigate between screens as well as various functions.

volvo f-series

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website / Product Brochure.

MATRIS is a tool that enables you to monitor and analyse the operation of the dumper. MATRIS allows you to optimise performance by tracking the characteristics of the activity of the dumper as well as aiding in the identification of possible improvements. This can help you to ensure the most efficient operation as well as achieving a better fuel economy.

The Volvo Care Cab

With a centrally positioned operator station, the Volvo A25F and Volvo A30F not only offers a great visibility, but controls, pedals and switches placed in an optimal position for the operator.

All-round visibility is ensured by the wide windshield, a sloping hood, large rear-view mirrors and a full glass door. Low internal noise in these spacious cabs are another stunning benefit of these Volvo dumpers which is effectively achieved through sound insulation.

cab of the volvo dumper

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Combined with the dump brake and tipping technology mentioned earlier, dumping functionality is a given with the tipping lever, which provides the operator with automatic body lowering as well as floating, adding to the ease of operation.

Volvo also offers a selection of air suspension seating options and combinations. From two and three point seatbelts, to an armrest and head restraint, you are sure to find the ideal seating solution for your operator.

An air filtration system, ventilation system and high capacity heating is only some of the other outstanding features you will find in the Volvo A25F and Volvo A30F.

Uptime features to make your Volvo Dumpers run longer

These Volvo dumpers for sale have been designed for long service intervals, durability and performance. With easy and safe access to the grouped service points, service checks and routine maintenance is easy.

Some of the features here include a swing-down front grill giving you access to the engine oil filters, the Contronics system which monitors things like fluid levels, an external cooling system which is responsible for not only absorbing heat but filtering oil from the brakes as well, and a hood that tilts up to 90 degrees.

volvo dumpers

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website / Product Brochure.

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The Volvo A25F vs the Volvo A30F

The Volvo A25F and Volvo A30F are powerful articulated dumpers. With specifications suited for a range of jobs, it is easy to see why these dumpers are such useful pieces of equipment in the construction industry.

Volvo A25FVolvoA30F
Displacement10.8 litre10.8 litre
Maximum power35 r/s33 r/s
SAE J1995 Gross235 Nm266 Nm
Maximum Torque18.3 r/s20 r/s
SAE J19955 Gross2 040 Nm2 040 Nm
ISO 9249, SAE J1349 Net2 031 Nm2 032 Nm
Flywheel Power35 r/s33 r/s
ISO 9249, SAE J1349 Net234 Nm265 Nm
Operating Weight (Unloaded)
[Tyres 23.5R25]
12 900 kg
9 500 kg
22 400 kg
24 000 kg
[Tyres 750/65R25]
13 000 kg
10 500 kg
23 500 kg
28 000 kg
Total Weights
[Tyres 23.5R25]
31 500 kg
14 900 kg
46 400 kg
[Tyres 750/65R25]
36 000 kg
15 500 kg
51 500 kg
Standard Body
Load Capacity
Body, struck
Body, heaped 2:1

24 000 kg
11.7 m³
15 m³

28 000 kg
13.6 m³
17.5 m³
Body with the overhung tailgate
Body, struck
Body, heaped 2:1

12.1 m³
15.6 m ³

14 m³
18.1 m³

These dumpers for sale both have a fuel tank of 380 litres, a 135 litre hydraulic tank and a 35 litre crankcase. Dumpers in this series from Volvo have the patented load and dump brake with two single stage, double acting dumping cylinders.

The body of the dumping system is constructed from HB400 Steel that has a tensile strength of 1 250 N/mm² and a yield strength of 1 000 N/mm².

The Volvo A25F has a tipping angle of 74 degrees while the A30F has a tipping angle of 70 degrees. The tipping time (with a load) for both Volvo dumpers come in at 12 seconds while the lowering time comes in at 10 seconds.

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